Godzilla vs Kong Star Knows No One Cares About The Human Characters

adminMarch 31, 2021

Godzilla vs Kong Star Knows No One Cares About The Human Characters

Alexander Skarsgard from Godzilla vs Kong says he is aware that audiences are not going to see the movie to see what happens to the human characters.

Godzilla vs. Kong Alexander Skarsgard says he is well aware that audiences are not going to see the movie to see what happens to the human characters. The Monsterverse movie opens in theaters and on HBO Max on March 30 and features a showdown between the main characters. The Battle of the Titans has been the main focus of the film’s marketing, something that is reflected in Godzilla vs. Kong early reviews, which praise monster fights but not human characters. This despite Adam Wingard’s box office success with a cast full of high-profile names.

Besides Skarsgard, Godzilla vs Kong also features Strange things starring Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Eiza González, Demian Bechir, Kyle Chandler, and Julian Dennison. Despite being released simultaneously streaming and in theaters in a global landscape still affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the film has performed well at the box office since its international release last week. The first reports say Godzilla vs Kong it made $ 122 million at the box office in its opening weekend, a massive return given the context of the pandemic. And it’s all down to the appeal of the title’s two monsters, something Skarsgard is well aware of.

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Talking to UproxxThe Swedish-born actor, who plays geologist Dr. Nathan Lind, says it was “humiliating” to be in a movie that he knows no one will go to simply because he’s in it. He acknowledges the attraction of Godzilla and Kong and the fight provoked in the title and admits that he knew from the beginning that he was not the “star” of this movie. You can read their full comments below:

It’s humbling for a narcissistic actor like me to be put in my shoes, to show up on set and to know that no one is going to see this movie because I’m in it. I have no illusions that I am the star of the show and that anyone will go to see the movie because they want to see Nathan Lind, the geologist.

Godzilla vs. Kong aircraft carrier fight scene lasts 18 minutes

It is rare for a movie star, and especially one who is the most famous actor in a movie, to admit that he is not the star of the show. But in the case of Godzilla vs Kong, That’s good. Audiences struggled to connect with previous Monsterverse movies, in part because they spent too much time focusing on humans and not the guilt-free pleasure of watching large-scale monster action. Based on reviews and now reading the film by Skarsgard, it appears that the fourth installment in the franchise is finally living up to its promise.

How fascinating the Battle of Titan ends up being remains to be seen, but it’s good enough that Skarsgard was happy to take a back seat. Based on that alone, Godzilla vs Kong It should provide enough monster conflict to satisfy even the most die-hard monster movie fans, which is a good thing, considering there isn’t any Monsterverse movie coming next.

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Source: Uproxx

  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Release Date: March 31, 2021

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