Godzilla vs. Kong’s Die Hard Easter Egg Confirmed

adminApril 17, 2021

Godzilla vs. Kong’s Die Hard Easter Egg Confirmed

Exclusive: Scanline’s VFX Supervisor Bryan Hirota confirms that the aircraft carrier scene in Godzilla vs. Kong contains a Die Hard Easter Egg.

Godzilla vs. Kong actually contains a Die hard Easter Egg is now confirmed. With over $ 300 million grossed at the worldwide box office, Legendary’s latest entry in MonsterVerse has proven to be a huge hit with audiences. The movie has even grossed $ 70 million domestically despite its simultaneous release on HBO Max.

A reason to Godzilla vs. KongSuccess is undoubtedly based on people simply wanting to go back to theaters after being deprived of the experience during the long months of the pandemic. Another reason is also the enduring popularity of Godzilla and Kong, characters that have been around for decades and still maintain a large following. A third reason is, of course, the kaiju takedown action from the movie, particularly the great battle at sea between Godzilla and Kong that sees monsters tearing apart warships as they try to destroy each other.

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One of the most memorable images in that high seas fight scene is, of course, the one of Kong leaping off the aircraft carrier as it is in the process of being destroyed by an explosion of Godzilla’s atomic breath. In fact, that particular image seemed instantly iconic, perhaps because it was inspired by another famous cinematic leap. Speaking exclusively to Screen Rant, ScanlineVFX supervisor Bryan Hirota confirmed that the image of a Kong jumping does pay homage to a famous shot of Bruce Willis escaping from an explosion in Die hard, as many fans suspected. When asked about Godzilla vs. Kong Easter egg fans had yet to choose, Hirota said:

I don’t know if I can think of specific Easter eggs that haven’t been caught. Knocked out, sleeping Kong on the transport ship is also a nod to King Kong versus Godzilla, but I think people have seen them all. Adam [Wingard] It also has these nods to ’80s action stars, like how Kong jumping off the aircraft carrier when Godzilla blows him up is a nod to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, and Kong, putting his shoulder in place, is a nod to the dislocation of the aircraft. Martin Riggs shoulder. of Lethal Weapon 2.

Kong Leap Godzilla Vs Kong

The Die hard The jump in question, of course, occurs during the movie’s famous climax. John McClane has reached the roof of Nakatomi Plaza, only to realize that Hans Gruber wants to blow it up along with him and all the hostages. McClane manages to get the hostages off the roof, but now he must escape the coming explosion. Your only chance to avoid incineration in a crazy way is to tie a fire hose around your waist and jump off the skyscraper. The resulting image of McClane leaping from the ceiling while exploding behind him has obviously become one of the most indelible in all of action movie history.

Godzilla vs. Kong paying tribute to movies like Die hard Y Lethal weapon It’s fun trivia, of course, but it also has some significance in terms of the depiction of Kong in the movie. Director Adam Wingard has, in fact, talked about some of his influences on the movie and pointed out things like Clint Eastwood’s character in Unforgivable – an aging gunslinger putting it together for one last fight. McClane in Die hard and Riggs in Lethal weapon They’re also in that tradition of world-weary action heroes fighting through their own personal struggles while taking on the bad guys. It is definitely not a coincidence then that Godzilla vs. Kong He calls back those classic action movies as he clearly wants the audience to see Kong as an old-school action hero who takes a beating but keeps getting up to fight again.

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