Gremlins Mountain Dew Ad Limited Edition Gizmo Doll Being Released For $300

adminMarch 27, 2021

Gremlins Mountain Dew Ad Limited Edition Gizmo Doll Being Released For $300

Mountain Dew is releasing a limited edition Gizmo doll based on an ad with the Gremlins star. The ad reunites Zach Galligan and Howie Mandel.

Mountain Dew is releasing a limited edition Gizmo doll, the headline 1984 horror comedy gremlin Gremlins. In the film written by Christopher Columbus and directed by Joe Dante, a seemingly adorable domestic pet spawns an army of little monsters when its owner ignores a very specific set of care instructions. Gizmo has done some publicity work since the Hollywood well ran dry and is currently appearing in a Mountain Dew commercial parodying his breakout role.

Bloody disgusting has discovered that Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is selling a Gizmo collectible for $ 300 following the success of the ad. The doll is designed by the British firm I Love Dust and features the Mountain Dew Zero Sugar logo and slogan on her oversized ears. The product will launch on NTWRK, a “mobile video shopping platform and app,” on March 26.

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Smart ad brings back Gizmo Gremlins his co-star Zach Galligan as Billy Peltzer, who, having learned nothing from his nightmarish experience in the movie, offers Gizmo an ill-fated drink from The Dew. Unsurprisingly, drinking the soda induces Gizmo’s transformation into a little terror as history repeats itself. Soda also argued with Howie Mandel to come back as the voice of Gizmo and cast Samantha Bartow as Billy’s daughter, who has clearly been through this before.

Gremlins Gizmo Mountain Dew 2 Doll
Gremlins Gizmo Mountain Dew 3 Doll
Gremlins Gizmo Doll Mountain Dew

The press release refers to the limited edition doll as “DZS [Dew Zero Sugar] X Gremlins reunion, “a possible indication of the rumors that have circulated about Gremlins 3. Unfortunately, nothing is in development as of now, and the statement most likely refers to the meeting in the commercial itself. An animated series from HBO Max and WarnerMedia titled Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is currently in process. Here is more information about the Gremlins doll:

Priced at $ 300, the Gizmo collectible arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag and DEW display case, making it easy for fans to follow the three rules: Don’t expose Gizmo to light, don’t let Gizmo come in contact with water and never feed Gizmo after midnight. Also, to commemorate the association with DZS, the back of Gizmo’s left ear reads “As good as the original, maybe even better,” while the right ear features the MTN DEW Zero Sugar logo.

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