GVK Director Jokes Kong Can Flip the Bird Since He Knows Sign Language

adminApril 30, 2021

GVK Director Jokes Kong Can Flip the Bird Since He Knows Sign Language

In a conversation with fans, the director of Godzilla vs. Kong, Adam Wingard, jokingly confirms that King Kong is canonically capable of flipping the bird.

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard considered the possibility that Kong knew very well how to flip the bird given his knowledge of sign language in the film. The latest MonsterVerse movie pits the two sons of the franchise poster against each other. Not since 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla Has their clash been the main event and were fans eager to see who would win? So eager, in fact, that the film has already surpassed its predecessor at the box office. Godzilla: King of the Monsters earned $ 386.6 million, while Godzilla vs. Kong He has already earned $ 393.7 million and counting.

Godzilla vs. Kong it had a noticeably lighter tone than other films in the franchise. From the beginning, both Kong and Godzilla are portrayed as much more than monsters. The human characters on each side let the audience know that not all of them are bad and set the climax of the film. Madison Russel (Millie Bobby Brown) is certain that Godzilla’s behavior is abnormal and works to solve the mystery of what led him to be destructive. Jia (Kaylee Hottle), a deaf Iwi girl, demonstrates a close bond with Kong early on and communicates regularly with the giant ape using the sign language she taught him.

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Wingard He scoffed at the idea that Kong may know how to flip the bird when the question was posed on a Reddit AMA. Answering questions from fans about r / Godzilla, a forum dedicated to all things classic monster, Wingard said it was entirely possible, though unlikely. Jia taught Kong to speak sign language, so it should have been her who taught him. “and she’s too loving to do that.“However, there is always a chance that Kong can learn. Read Wingard’s response below:

u / thatonecoolnerd: Ok ok I’ll ask the big question everyone is thinking: if Kong knows sign language, can he flip the bird?

Wingard: Great question. I guess Jia would have to teach her that and she’s too sweet to do that … But there’s always room to grow 🙂

Godzilla vs kong why godzilla never attacked kong before GVK

The depth of Kong’s vocabulary is unknown. Jia mostly spoke from the heart to Kong, as she used sign language to speak ill of bigheaded people without them knowing. Kong surely would have liked to push Godzilla away, though he was otherwise worried about the fight of the century. The fact that Kong can communicate through sign language actually opens up many possibilities: what wisdom can communicate with a language that humans understand?

The unfavorable success of Godzilla vs. Kong it’s a windfall for Legendary Entertainment. Fans have come to see the movie in droves and then gone online to continue the conversation. Legendary says it has a lot more ideas for the MonsterVerse movies, so hopefully this isn’t the last time fans see a Kong who can communicate using sign language. There is much more to learn from him and many more obscenities to learn, especially when Jia becomes a teenager.

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Fountain: Adam Wingard via Reddit

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