GVK VFX Supervisor Reveals Hidden Detail In Mechagodzilla’s Design

adminApril 19, 2021

GVK VFX Supervisor Reveals Hidden Detail In Mechagodzilla’s Design

Exclusive: The Visual Effects Supervisor from Godzilla vs. Kong, Bryan Hirota, reveals that Mechagodzilla has a detail in its design that is not very noticeable in the film.

Warning: Spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong Visual Effects Supervisor Bryan Hirota reveals an intricate detail of Mechagodzilla that is not very noticeable in the film. The MonsterVerse party opened in theaters and aired last week. With an impressive run at the box office thus far, many are hoping the series will continue. Although a sequel has not been confirmed, Legendary has ideas for future films.

It’s always interesting to learn the MonsterVerse creature design process. For Godzilla’s look in the 2014 film, director Gareth Edwards revealed that the eagle was incorporated into the design. On Godzilla: King of the Monsters, director Michael Dougherty says Mothra’s design was made to make it more formidable than previous versions. With its strong forelimbs and stinger, it certainly looks fierce. Pop culture fans were certainly happy to learn what Skullcrawlers looked like in Kong: Skull Island was influenced by characters like Sachiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cubone from Pokemon. On Godzilla vs. KongUnsurprisingly, Mechagodzilla has generated a lot of discussion. Each Mechagodzilla design has brought something unique to the table, and it’s no different with the MonsterVerse version. Recently, director Adam Wingard revealed that Mechagodzilla’s design was inspired by seeing robot designs in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as a lesson in what not to do.

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In our interview with Bryan Hirota, the Godzilla vs. Kong The visual effects supervisor talked about the design process for Mechagodzilla. The idea, according to Hirota, was to make the threat “extremely formidable, “So if he fought alone, he would probably defeat Godzilla or Kong. The supervisor also says that there is a design detail that is not very visible in the film. He explained:

A lot of these things aren’t that visible in the movie, but if you were to get close to any of these joints, there are mechanical trusses that move the pieces out of the way so you can either close the elbow joints or close the joints. knees We redesigned the feet to maintain the approved design, but also to add functionality to these points that need to be moved. There were already some weapons visible on it, like the rocket packs that were on the shoulders. But as we developed the action sequence with Mecha finally fighting Godzilla and Kong, we were just looking for additional weapons to bring into the fight, because historically Mechagodzilla is armed to the teeth.

This is a great example of how to carefully design a character so that everything works, even if the audience doesn’t notice the little details. Hirota says that for the climactic battle, the goal was to keep Mechagodzilla “in action and on the attack.“This goal was certainly met in the final product. Mechagodzilla kept his opponent fully on the ropes, giving Godzilla the biggest beating of the series. If it weren’t for Kong, Godzilla might have breathed his last.

Every Mechagodzilla design has its fans. Many like the classic 1974 design mostly for its unique and sinister look. Others may like the more simplistic design from 1993, while others appreciate the sleek look of the 2002 design. As of three weeks ago, the MonsterVerse 2021 design can be added to the group for these discussions. When it comes to action, Godzilla vs. Kong‘s Mechagodzilla put on the greatest show of all. The climax of the film cannot be described as anything but epic.

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