Halloween Kills Full Cast & Crew Pictured Outside Michael Myers’ House

adminOctober 19, 2021

Halloween Kills Full Cast & Crew Pictured Outside Michael Myers’ House

The entire creative team, both cast and crew, behind Halloween Kills come together to celebrate the film in a new behind-the-scenes look.

The full cast and crew of Halloween deaths meet outside of Michael Myers’ house in a new behind-the-scenes image shared by Jamie Lee Curtis. the Hallowe’en The franchise is one of the longest-running horror series out there, starting in 1978 with the John Carpenter classic. Although there have been numerous sequels and reboots over the years, it was only with 2018 Hallowe’en that the franchise had a tough (and hopefully lasting) reboot. It acted as a direct sequel to the first film and brought back Curtis as the iconic scream queen Laurie Strode.

Now with the newly released Halloween deaths, the saga continues. After being delayed from last year by the coronavirus pandemic, the film debuted in theaters and at Peacock this weekend, and is already generating excellent returns. Halloween deaths achieved the biggest horror premiere of the year at $ 50 million, and while it received mixed reviews from critics, audiences seem to be responding more favorably. Directed by David Gordon Green, the film begins where Hallowe’en stopped, with Michael Myers escaping the fire at Laurie’s home and waging another murder spree.

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Curtis, whose role in Halloween deaths marks a record for the franchise, he’s been in a celebratory mood this weekend and saw fit to honor the film’s cast and crew in a new social media post. Curtis reposted an image shared by hairstylist Bryan Moss, showing everyone who worked on Halloween deaths gathered outside Michael’s infamous house. “It takes a village. A creative, fun and incredibly talented people. So proud to be a part of the extended Halloween movie family.“Moss wrote in his own post. Curtis wholeheartedly agreed:”WHAT @bryantology SAID. “

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As the picture indicates, Halloween deaths was filmed in 2019, in case fans are surprised to see so many people posing without masks. The coronavirus pandemic has made film-making difficult, but this is a movie that managed to avoid dealing with those complications. Halloween deaths It shakes up the franchise in some pretty big ways, and as the main holiday approaches, more and more viewers are likely to dare to check it out. So we’ll really see if all the hard work paid off.

Halloween deaths It is not the end of the franchise, as next year will bring End of Halloween. As the title suggests, that installment is positioned as the series finale. At the same time, as the public knows, Michael Myers is not someone to be easily beaten. There could be more ahead for Hallowe’enespecially since it’s clearly driven by so many enthusiastic people working on it behind the scenes. Knowing how beloved these movies are, it might not be a bad thing to see them continue.

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Source: Jamie Lee Curtis/ Instagram

  • End of Halloween (2022)Release Date: Oct 14, 2022

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