Harry Potter Deepfake Video Makes Millie Bobby Brown Hermione Granger

adminMarch 28, 2021

Harry Potter Deepfake Video Makes Millie Bobby Brown Hermione Granger

A new deepfake video does a very compelling job of casting Stranger Things’s Millie Bobby Brown as Harry Potter’s best friend Hermione Granger.

A new deepfake video transforms Millie Bobby Brown into Harry Potter Hermione Granger. Brown is currently known for her work on the hit Netflix series. Strange thingsHowever, in recent years it has diversified and started a very promising film career. And, like Emma Watson, Brown’s acting career began at a very young age.

Although there has been an increasing number of conversations between fans and sometimes the same stars regarding a Harry Potter restart, the probability of it happening in the short term is considerably small. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from arguing about the ideal cast would be to take on the key roles of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The three young Hogwarts students marked his arrival at the famous witch and wizard school at age 11, which means Brown is already too old to be considered for such a coveted role as Granger. However, as mentioned above, both Brown and Watson share some similarities; for example, although both are English, neither was born in England. And of course there is the strange coincidence that Brown’s Strange things The character is called Eleven, the exact age of admission to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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More recently, the similarities between Brown and Watson seemed enough for at least one hardworking fan, as Brown got the deepfake treatment. YouTube user Jarkan [h/t Comic Book] has created a very compelling video of Brown as Hermione Granger in the latest online attempt to imagine a world where different stars were cast in the iconic franchise. The video shows Granger throughout the series, with Brown’s face replaced by Granger’s so seamlessly that it’s sometimes easy to forget that she was never Granger to begin with:

Over the course of the past few years, deepfakes have become particularly popular, and with each new attempt by creators, the fakes seem more compelling than ever. In Brown’s case as Granger, it’s clear how well the process can finish. In fact, the replacement of Brown by Watson by Jarkan cannot help but wonder what could have been. Was Brown the right age when Harry Potter was the first to be cast, could she have ended up becoming the face of Granger instead of Watson? That’s something no one can definitively answer, but judging by this latest deepfake, there are plenty of reasons to think that Brown could very well have ended up as the popular character.

At the same time, fans have a special attachment to Granger as seen in the movies. If any Harry Potter fans are resistant to the idea of ​​anyone else playing Harry other than Daniel Radcliffe, so it’s easy to understand why Granger fans would feel the same way about Watson. Deepfakes are certainly a lot of fun, but just because one actor’s face fits where another’s once did doesn’t mean their version of the character is all that memorable. There is much more to an actor than just his looks and after 8 feature films like Granger, Watson’s skill and charm as a character has been well tested.

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Source: Jarkan [h/t Comic Book]

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