Hello Kitty Animated & Live-Action Hybrid Movie Has Directors On Board

adminMarch 3, 2021

Hello Kitty Animated & Live-Action Hybrid Movie Has Directors On Board

The Hello Kitty animation / live action project is underway as it is set to attract directors who will bring the script to life.

Plans for a Hello kitty The film was initially announced in 2015. However, it took until 2019 to negotiate the rights with Sanrio. New Line Cinema takes over the project. This is quite a feat considering that Sanrio has never granted rights to the character before. A few months later, the project landed its lead writer, Lindsey Beer. Beer is an accomplished screenwriter with credits like Transformers Y Masters of the Universe in your back pocket. Not much else has been revealed about the project so far.

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Term confirmed that the Hello kitty The film has cast Jennifer Coyle and Leo Matsuda as directors. They both have a considerable amount of animation experience behind them. Coyle directed Bob’s Burgers for six seasons and most recently served as a supervising producer on HBO Max Harley quinn animated series. Matsuda’s roots come from the artistic side of animation. He worked as a story artist in Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Y Break Ralph. Matsuda also recently branched out to direct the Disney short, Inner workings.

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Coyle has expressed that the Hello Kitty brand has the positivity and inclusiveness that the world needs right now. She is excited to bring the beloved character who represents “joy” and “happiness” to life. Matsuda expressed that he was raised in a Japanese family and Hello Kitty has been an important part of his upbringing. As directors, Coyle and Matsuda have a lot of experience working in youth animation. More importantly though, it is clear that they are passionate about the brand and the upcoming Hello kitty movie project.

Animation has become increasingly popular as it is easier to work with during the coronavirus pandemic. However, even before the pandemic, animation / live action hybrids emerged as a trend. One of the most notable of these hybrids was Sonic the Hedgehog. The most recent live action / animated film to hit theaters is Tom and Jerry. While popularity has increased recently in this style, it dates back to Mary Poppins. The hybrid style for Hello kitty It seems like the best choice for the adorable Sanrio animated figure. Fans of the Sanrio collection will love seeing Hello Kitty interact with our world and it could easily generate hilarity and make it even better.

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