How Bad Batch Decides Which Star Wars Characters Get Cameos

adminJune 26, 2021

How Bad Batch Decides Which Star Wars Characters Get Cameos

Exclusive: Bad Batch producer discusses the process behind choosing the right Star Wars characters to make cameos in the popular animated series.

Jennifer Corbett, executive producer and writer of the latest Disney + animated series Star Wars: The Bad Lot, explains the process behind choosing which characters will appear on the show. The bad lot is the fourth canon Star Wars animated series released by Lucasfilm, serving as a spiritual successor to the fan-favorite Star Wars, Clone Wars series, which aired its final season last year. The show has proven to be a love letter to Star Wars, implementing references and cameos from all eras of the franchise.

So far, the show has featured Jabba Bib Fortuna’s (Matthew Wood) infamous lackey, the Scrap World of Bracca (first featured in the video game Jedi: Fallen Order), Fennec Shand (with Ming-Na Wen reprising her role as The mandalorian), along with a number of other connections as well. Last week’s episode titled “Reunion” caused a bit of a stir in the fandom with the return of fan-favorite bounty hunter Cad Bane, who has not appeared on screen since season 4 of The Clone Wars in 2012. Gunman Duros played a crucial role in the kidnapping of Omega, the clone boy whom the titular Bad Batch has been protecting throughout the series.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, executive producer and writer Jennifer Corbett shed light on how cameos are decided in the writing room. In the wake of the devastating Clone Wars, Corbett imagines that “the bounty hunters are thriving”, which explains the appearances of characters like Fennec Shand and Cad Bane. The team wants to make sure that any character that appears eventually ends up.serving the history of Bad Batch. “You can read his full statement below:

We always want to make sure that whoever we’re bringing up these stories is serving the Bad Batch story. So when you talk about the rise of the Empire, who is really, in a character sense, thriving at the time? In the galaxy, who can you cross the lot with that really makes sense? Bib [Fortuna], you know, and Cid is a very shady character, so through the list of his contacts, it makes sense that he has some kind of underworld connections. Right now is a time when bounty hunters are thriving, I imagine, in the galaxy, so it was an interesting opportunity to be able to bring Fennec. [Shand], which is new to the scene. And then when we bring in Cad Bane, just to see the difference in how the two operate, because again it made sense for the story with Omega and the lot, and when we talk about bounty hunters, organically bring those two.

Muchi Rancor in Star Wars Bad Batch

With the Disney + catalog of Star Wars content that continues to expand, new Star Wars The programs have been working together to form a cohesive universe for several decades in the universe. Characters of The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, The mandalorian, and now The bad lot They have intermingled and appeared on each other’s shows, often in unexpected ways. As these projects continue to evolve, more cross-cultural connections will be inevitable.

Disney announced last year that the future Star Wars The series are expected to intersect in a story event in the vein of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although there are still years for that event, the success of the crosses between the current Star Wars Projects has shown that Lucasfilm’s creative heads are more than capable of juggling multiple projects at once, while making sure they are all coherent in a satisfying (and surprising) way. With half the show still on the air, The bad lot Without a doubt, you have a few more surprises left. New episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Lot Launching every Friday on Disney +.

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