How Toy Story Referenced Tim Allen’s Home Improvement Role

adminMarch 16, 2021

How Toy Story Referenced Tim Allen’s Home Improvement Role

Toy Story was released during the height of Home Improvement’s career, and the Pixar animated film included a reference to the Tim Allen show.

One Toy story Easter egg refers to Tim Allen’s famous role in Home improvement. The first Pixar movie in 1995 was a huge success. It garnered rave reviews, became a box office hit, and eventually launched one of the biggest animated franchises of all time. Toy story It also revolutionized the animation industry by embracing 3D computer animation and being the first feature film to use it for its entire runtime.

With Toy storyWith the plot revolving around the unlikely partnership between Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody, Pixar didn’t hold back in choosing some recognizable actors. The studio brought Tom Hanks on board to voice Woody after he starred in some incredibly popular movies from the early 1990s. Hanks proved to be a perfect choice to play the cowboy, and Pixar needed someone equally famous to voice the voice. to the space ranger. They settled in Home improvement star Tim Allen to voice Buzz Lightyear. Since he was the star of one of the most watched shows in America at the time, Toy story included a reference to Allen’s other role.

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During the third act of Toy story, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are captured by Sid, Andy’s next door neighbor, known for playing too rough with his toys. Sid hatches a plan to tie Buzz Lightyear to a rocket and send him to the sky where he will encounter an explosive disappearance. When Woody tries to help save Buzz, the cowboy toy is trapped in a box due to Sid’s heavy toolbox on top. This is where Home improvement fans might have recognized something familiar. The red toolbox has the Binford Tools logo. Binford Tools is a company in Home improvement Tim Taylor used to work for and often features products on fictional TV show Tool time.

This reference to Home improvement many viewers, especially the younger ones, who had not yet seen the Tim Allen show, may have missed it. In fact, there are many younger audiences who knew Tim Allen better as Santa Clause from the 1994 film. Toy story I may not have alluded to that role of Allen, but it’s not too surprising that Pixar included this nod to Home improvement.

Until and even after Toy story was released, Home improvement It was one of the biggest shows in America and made Allen one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood. This Easter egg doesn’t detract from the movie and just acts as a fun detail that fans of the show will catch. It is one of the rare examples in which one of Tim Allen’s projects makes direct reference Home improvement this way too. The final season of Tim Allen’s show Last man standing also included a Binford Tools toolbox, but Toy story did it first.

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