Howard The Duck Star Proposes Directing A Reboot For Marvel

adminJuly 13, 2021

Howard The Duck Star Proposes Directing A Reboot For Marvel

After appearing in Marvel What If? trailer, Lea Thompson says she wants to reunite with Howard the Duck as director in a new MCU reboot.

Lea Thompson, 1986 star Howard the Duck has indicated that she would be willing to return as a director in an MCU reboot for the feathered superhero. Thompson, who is perhaps best known as Marty McFly’s mother in the Return to the future trilogy, he also had the dubious honor of starring alongside Marvel’s cosmic waterfowl in the box office flop that has come to be regarded as one of the worst films of all time. With four Golden Raspberries and a Stinkers Bad Movie Award for Worst Picture, it also has the lowest rating on Rotten Tomatoes for any movie that has been produced by Lucasfilm.

Despite the film’s poor box office reception, the character has still managed to gain a cult following in the years following his big screen debut. Howard didn’t just return for MCU cameos in Guardians of the Galaxy Y Avengers Endgame, there was even a Howard the Duck animated series that was being developed by Kevin Smith prior to its cancellation. It was also announced last month that the original film would receive a new 4K relaunch in honor of its 35th anniversary.

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More recently, Howard also appeared in the newly released trailer for What if from Marvel?, which makes the character start to be a trend on Twitter. Taking note of the buzzing, Thompson he chimed in, once again offering his services to lead a new MCU reboot. Take a look at his original tweet below:

Given that Howard is already an official part of the MCU canon, perhaps an eventual solo movie isn’t entirely out of the question. James Gunn has already shown conclusively that some of Marvel’s most eclectic characters can translate well into live-action movies. In a cinematic universe that already features talking trees and happy-trigger raccoons as key protagonists, there’s no reason why a crafty duck couldn’t headline his own adventure. Who better to bring Howard back to the limelight than the actress who had to make out with him in the ’80s? After all, this is not the first time Thompson has raised the idea of ​​a Howard the Duck restart.

In addition to having a long and distinguished career in front of the camera, Thompson also has many directorial credits to her name, including work on Young sheldon Y The Goldbergs. She has also dipped her toe in DC’s rival universe by directing an episode from last year. Star Girl. Should Marvel Studios consider a solo? Howard the Duck movie, Thompson should probably be one of the first people Kevin Feige approaches.

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