Ice Cube Responds To Ray Fisher Calling Out WB’s Discriminatory Issues

adminJuly 10, 2021

Ice Cube Responds To Ray Fisher Calling Out WB’s Discriminatory Issues

Ice Cube responded to Ray Fisher’s tweets in support of Cube’s claims of racial profiling against WB. Fisher’s own allegations made headlines in April.

Ice Cube had a direct response to Ray Fisher’s comments supporting Cube’s allegations against Warner Bros. Fisher’s comments came after a report was released in which Cube accused Warner Bros. of hesitating to produce Last Friday, the last installment of the Friday franchise that has been in development for almost a decade. The Ice Cube allegations also have a discriminatory component, in which the Cube team chides WB for not financially supporting their films as much as other non-black films and for rejecting successful past ideas, such as Ride Along or Straight from Compton, for racially insensitive reasons.

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Ray Fisher’s own history with Warner Bros. is definitely tense, to say the least. Earlier this year, a credibility war broke out between Fisher and Warner Bros. after Fisher’s allegations of serious misconduct while filming. League of Justice (after Zack Snyder’s departure) were broadcast in an eye-opening interview. Fisher alleged misconduct by substitute director Joss Whedon, as well as complicit behavior by WB superiors, including Warner Studios president Toby Emmerich. In the interview, Fisher specifically accused Emmerich of respecting the boundaries of racial stereotypes and ignoring his concerns about the film’s overall trajectory and Whedon’s behavior on set. Upon hearing the news of the Ice Cube accusations, Fisher showed his support in a shadow Cheep.

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In response, Ice Cube responded to Fisher’s demonstrations of support in which Fisher specifically called Emmerich the “common denominator” in racial and discriminatory complaints. Fisher also states that he would love to speak personally with Ice Cube about his experiences dealing with WB and New Line Cinema. Ice Cube’s response was simple and straightforward, agreeing with Fisher’s assessment of Emmerich. Check out the tweets below:

Both the Ice Cube and Fisher accusations turned into an epic game of finger pointing. In the case of Ice Cube, WB states that they are dedicated to making Last FridayBut Cube won’t work with their well-intentioned reviews and is now using false claims to unfairly demand that WB release the rights to the franchise, along with two others. In Fisher’s case, most of his allegations were attributed to miscommunication. However, WB also conducted an investigation that turned out to be in their favor, an investigation that Fisher claims was conducted unfairly. Earlier this year, Zack Snyder also claimed that WB tortured him during the creation of his court of League of Justice. Given Warner Bros. ‘thus far, his claims of not having committed any crime are apparently crumbling.

Unfortunately, this conflict is almost ensuring Last FridayThe fate of being in perpetual limbo. Fans, who have been waiting for this sequel for almost a decade, have already mourned the loss of one of the franchise’s main actors, John Witherspoon. Now, the question remains how else will the fundamentals of the franchise change before some sort of deal is reached to continue it at WB or elsewhere.

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