Iron Man Body Armor Could Be Real Soon Says Scientists

adminApril 16, 2021

Iron Man Body Armor Could Be Real Soon Says Scientists

Scientists say that an exoskeleton similar to Iron Man’s iconic armor could soon be available for purchase to people around the world.

Scientists say that an exoskeleton similar to the iconic Iron Man The armor could soon be available worldwide. Stark may have started small with his suits, building the first while being held captive by the Ten Rings, but he quickly transformed the creation of his cave into a billion dollar industry, one that could supposedly protect the world. Iron Man’s origin story at this point is well known and one of the reasons the MCU is so successful. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as the arrogant, self-assured, tech savvy set the stage for the Marvel movies that helped the franchise become the most successful in history.

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Over the course of the past decade, Tony Stark’s costume has taken on many iterations and has used his prowess to build costumes for other people. Peter Parker’s Iron Spider suit is a notable example, as is Pepper Potts’ debut in her light blue suit at the end of Avengers Endgame. At one point, Stark wanted worldwide armor instead of the Avengers in hopes of ensuring the safety of the world against the various threats that have emerged since the hero rose to fame. It seems that Tony Stark can finally get his wish.

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According to the BBC, Advances in technology have made exoskeleton suits a reality. These suits are fast becoming commonplace in many settings, leading to the development of more powerful and complex apparatus that provide different types of support, from preventing muscle fatigue to increasing grip strength. By 2030, exoskeleton suits could become a $ 6 billion industry, according to a study. Currently, automakers like General Motors and Fiat are testing suits like these, but they are also diversifying into other workplaces that could make these exoskeleton suits a common sight around the world.

Tony Stark in his suit in Iron Man 3

Iron Man’s plan to have armor all over the world notoriously didn’t work out. In fact, it ended up costing thousands of lives when Ultron went rogue and used millions of robots against the Avengers. While that is clearly unlikely to happen, any movie fan will likely be wary of a world full of robotic exoskeletons. Fortunately, they don’t appear to have the power or weaponry that Tony Stark’s suit had, but, like Stark, nothing is stopping a random genius from equipping his exoskeleton with weaponry.

The advancement of technology certainly seems like many science fiction movies are coming to life and exoskeletons are no different. They have also had their own appearances outside of the MCU, including District 9 Y The era of El Mañana. Both movies are a bit more dystopian than Iron Man and the MCU, but technology has always walked a fine line between being beneficial to society and being detrimental to its social development.

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