Is Vanderohe The New Alpha Zombie King?

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Is Vanderohe The New Alpha Zombie King?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Army of the dead.

By Zack Snyder Army of the dead It ends with the reveal that Vanderohe has been bitten, but leaves open who did this and if that means he’s becoming the new Alpha Zombie King. Released on Netflix on May 21, 2021, Army of the dead sees Snyder going back to his roots and in full control of his movie. Returning to the zombie genre for the first time since his debut feature, 2004 Dawn of the Dead Redo, Army of the dead (which has no connection to his first film) serves as one of the best and most entertaining Snyder films to date.

Structured around a relatively simple heist plan, with the added twist of a Las Vegas invaded by different types of zombies: Alphas, who are smarter and faster, and Shamblers, who are more traditional. Army of the dead Fulfills its promise: there is a lot of exciting zombie action, a thrilling heist and many characters are killed. By the end of the film, only two members of the team led by Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) have survived: his daughter, Kate (Ella Purnell), and his old friend, Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick).

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Kate’s future seems relatively simple, as she will use the money her dad gives her to help those in need and perhaps open a food truck. But Vanderohe’s is less secure. After improbably surviving the nuclear blast thanks to being in the vault, he and his newfound riches head to Mexico City, only for him to discover on the flight that he has been bitten. Army of the dead It ends before Vanderohe turns into a zombie, but the stage is clearly set for him to join, and perhaps lead, the titular army in a sequel. Vanderohe might become the new zombie king, but there are some important questions to be answered about his fate.

We don’t know who bit Vanderohe (but it was probably Zeus)

Army of the Dead Zeus Vanderohe

The ending reveals that Vanderohe was bitten sometime in Army of the dead it’s perhaps its biggest twist, and a big part of that is because it’s unclear how it happened and who exactly was responsible. Assuming all the zombies were killed by the nuclear attack, so none were alive to bite Vanderohe when he escaped the vault with his life miraculously intact, then the most likely moments are when he and Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) fall together. to the vault, as there’s really no chance (or at least, one for viewers to see) before getting there.

The first option, then, is when Vanderohe is taking the Shamblers down the elevator, to use them to activate the traps that prevent them from reaching the vault. This sequence is played for laughs, so there would certainly be a sense of irony if this is where it got bitten. Vanderohe was very close to zombies and much of it was off screen, so it wouldn’t be completely implausible. However, those zombies seemed to be well under control and Vanderohe would be able to overpower them, while there are no visible bite marks at this point or after, making it more likely that it was Zeus (Richard Cetrone) himself who bit Vanderohe.

Zeus’ arrival at the vault is a particularly dramatic moment, with Vanderohe taking his best shot but unable to defeat the zombie king. The entire fight scene is shown and there is no obvious sign that Vanderohe was bitten by Zeus, although the Alpha does try, making the question of when he was bitten feel more open. Even with that, the most likely outcome remains that he was bitten by Zeus – he is the character with the clearest means to do so and the one who presents the most compelling narrative opportunities.

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Vanderohe is the new zombie king and can he make more alphas?

The army of the dead ends Vanderohe

With Vanderohe leaving Las Vegas and having enough cash to establish a nice new life in Mexico City, the discovery of the zombie bite leaves a big question as to what he will decide to do. His only answer is a simple “Fuck” So will Vanderohe allow himself to become a zombie, or will he try to kill himself before that happens (or will he ask one of the air managers to do it for him)? Interestingly, Vanderohe has gone quite a long time without changing – when Scott was bitten he died and then started spinning shortly after, but Vanderohe survived the nuclear blast and then all the way to the airport, suggesting a delay. Still, his appearance, and the fact that he clearly feels bad (to put it mildly), hint that he is on the brink of the cliff, so it might just happen immediately after the credits appear in Army of the Dead.

Assuming Vanderohe turns into a zombie, because otherwise the provocation lacks weight, then the questions become what will he do and what kind of zombie will he be? Working on the basis that Zeus bit him, then he will become an Alpha. That said, it could also be something else; something new. Not only was Vanderohe bitten by the zombie king, he would also have been exposed to radiation from the nuclear blast once he escaped from the vault. That may be what delayed the process of his transformation, and furthermore, it could mean that he receives even greater enhancements or other differences from Zeus, which could mean retaining more of his humanity, but it could also mean becoming an even smarter one. and fast. , stronger and much harder to kill the zombie king.

These differences will be crucial in determining whether Vanderohe can operate as Zeus did, as something even better, or if he is a normal Alpha. Army of the dead makes it clear that only Zeus can make other Alphas; they, in turn, can only create Shamblers. However, it never explains exactly how Zeus’ powers work or if they can be transmitted in any way. So if Vanderohe has somehow been given a more unique power, be it by Zeus’s bite and death, radiation, or some other factors unexplained so far, then he would have the ability to create more Alphas, allowing him to become really new king. Otherwise, you will only be creating Shamblers, which would still be devastating and lead to many deaths, but based on evidence in Army of the dead, it would be an easier situation to deny.

Vanderohe’s powers could drastically influence Army of the Dead 2

End of the Vanderohe Army of the Dead

As is, Army of the Dead 2 it’s not happening, with the focus instead on the prequel movie Army of thieves and the animated prequel show Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Still, there’s clear interest from everyone involved in a follow-up, and the ending with Vanderohe suggests it’s something Zack Snyder will eventually revisit. While the zombie threat has been addressed for now, Army of the Dead 2 could create a new, perhaps even more dangerous outbreak. It seems likely that, at the very least, Vanderohe will create a new wave of zombies that will then invade Mexico City, before perhaps spreading outward. And if it can actually create more Alphas, or a new hybrid, then it would be even more devastating.

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A key point of Army of the dead What was never entirely clear is exactly what Zeus was doing in Las Vegas. While some kind of civilization had been built, it was not addressed whether they were content to stay there or, as arguably more likely, whether they had plans to attack when the time was right. After all, he was amassing an army, and there’s a good chance he was waiting until there were even more Alphas before he moved in. Such ideas could be reviewed in Army of the Dead 2, you might see Vanderohe commanding his own eponymous army, one that may be larger and more deadly than ever. This is why it is more likely that Zeus was the one who bit him and that Vanderohe is becoming the new zombie king, because just being or creating Shamblers reduces the scope and scale of how much damage he could deal in the sequel.

There is also the possibility of Army of the Dead 2 do something more complex with Vanderohe and his new army. Zeus and the bride (Athena Perample) do not appear as typical villains (because they are not typical zombies), allowing Scott and his group to enter Las Vegas (with an offering), and with things going south when the queen is delicate. That could mean that Zeus was happy ruling his own kingdom in Las Vegas, and combined with the fact that it is unknown what experiments were carried out to create the first zombie, there can certainly be a situation where they are not the oldest or the worst threat to face, or even villains at all. That might fit Vanderohe’s use of a Joseph Campbell quote: “It is by going down into the abyss where we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there is your treasure.“If becoming a zombie isn’t a curse for Vanderohe, then life itself could be the treasure he’s referring to, granting a second life (and immortality) to others in a way that he sees as a blessing, building his own kingdom. and establishing a fight with humanity.

Finally, with most of Army of the deadcharacters killed at the end of the movie, so there aren’t many known players who may return in the sequel, but a couple of intriguing options are presented. The most obvious is Kate, who keeps the money Scott managed to keep, ready to start a new life. Given her personal connection to Vanderohe, then it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if she was drawn to the sequel to try and take him down, if he is the villain in the play. Then there’s Dieter, whose fate is uncertain – it’s hard to imagine how he survived both Zeus and nuclear weapons, but since his death isn’t shown, a return can’t be ruled out. Like Kate, he has a close bond with Vanderohe, so it would make sense to bring him back to confront his friend in Army of the Dead 2.

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