Jake Gyllenhaal & Vanessa Kirby Starring In Survival Thriller Suddenly

adminJune 27, 2021

Jake Gyllenhaal & Vanessa Kirby Starring In Survival Thriller Suddenly

Jake Gyllenhaal and Vanessa Kirby will co-star in the new survival thriller Suddenly, based on the novel Soudain Seuls by Isabelle Autissier.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Vanessa Kirby to star opposite each other in new movie Suddenly. Both actors are in high demand right now, with Gyllenhaal starring memorably. Spider-Man: Far From Home like Mysterio among his many other credits. Meanwhile, Kirby has established herself as an impressive artist over the past decade, earning a BAFTA for her work on The crown.

For Term, Gyllenhaal and Kirby will play the main couple in the Suddenly film adaptation based on the popular French novel Suddenly alone by Isabelle Autissier. The film centers on a couple who are stranded on a desert island. As the couple struggles to survive, their relationship and the tropes of modern society come to light. The prolific screenwriter Thomas Bidegain, who worked with Gyllenhaal on The sisters brothers, is serving as a screenwriter and director, while Gyllenhaal is also set to produce. Suddenly does not have a production date as of now. Said Bidegain about the project:

With Suddenly, I wanted to analyze the deep dynamics of a relationship stripped of all the artifacts of the modern world, faced with life and death situations in a wonderful but hostile environment. Jake and Vanessa are a dream couple who take the film to a whole new dimension and are dream partners in making the film, along with our friends at Studiocanal.

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The success of any survival movie depends on its stars. Fortunately, Suddenly has landed a couple of Oscar nominees. Gyllenhaal will certainly bring depth to both his role as an actor and as a producer. Kirby, who has a host of notable roles to his name, is an exceptional couple and will take the project to a new level. Suddenly, it looks like there will be more award commentary in the future for the dynamic duo.

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Source: Deadline

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