James Bond Director Isn’t Concerned About Franchise Under Amazon

adminJune 21, 2021

James Bond Director Isn’t Concerned About Franchise Under Amazon

Two-time James Bond director Martin Campbell doesn’t think Amazon’s recent acquisition of MGM means bad things for the iconic superspy.

James bond Director Martin Campbell says he is not concerned about Amazon’s recent takeover of the legendary 007 super spy franchise. The MGM sale has prompted fans and at least one Bond member to express concern about potential changes to the series, particularly in light of the fact that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has previously stated that the multinational tech company plans to reimagine IP by the 21st.S t century.

Since his big screen debut in 1962, Ian Fleming’s James Bond character has undergone numerous changes. Initially content with reveling in the kind of toxic masculinity that left little room for female characters to evolve beyond objects, the past decades have put the franchise on a different course, slowly but surely. This is not to say that the films still don’t retain much of what originally made the character a success, but the beginning of the Daniel Craig era in particular shaped Bond as a more empathetic character, whose recognition of women Was beyond. physical conquest. This kind of long-delayed approach will likely get an even bigger boost with Craig’s upcoming (and delayed) final exit, No time to die, which was co-written by Fleabag freak, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

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Yet despite Bond’s modernization now in full swing, MGM’s changing of the guard to Amazon has left many questions about the future of the franchise. MGM has always been careful about how it handles 007’s ongoing adventures, and with Amazon making the decisions, the reimagining Bezos has talked about could mean a lot of things. Bond fans are often a secretive bunch when it comes to altering the formula that has made Bond what he is, which means that talking about changes initiated by a tech corporation isn’t all that encouraging. But at least one creative within Bond IP, director Martin Campbell, has stated through Business Insider he’s not worried about what’s next for 007. Read what Campbell said below:

No one is going to screw with your success. It’s Barbara and Michael’s franchise, regardless of who provides the money. They have gone through many changes and regimes and have survived them all.

The Art of the James Bond Collection Banner

Campbell is known for two defining films in the Bond catalog: the 1995 one Golden eye and Craig’s debut in 2006, Royal Casino. His claim that the franchise has survived long to get to where it currently is makes sense, but ultimately Amazon has the kind of money to play with the intellectual property. It’s exactly those kinds of tweaks that many fans fear. Despite its vast collection of projects under the Amazon Prime banner, the corporation’s entry into film and television remains extremely new compared to Bond’s legacy. Still, if anyone knows how strong Broccoli and Wilson’s dominance is in the franchise, it would be someone like Campbell who has previously helped usher in new eras for Bond.

Criticisms of Amazon’s takeover of MGM might be valid and there’s really no reason not to believe that Bezo’s fondness for big profits won’t extend to James bond. Yet at the same time, fans of the franchise know what they are doing and what they don’t want to see. If Amazon takes the franchise in the wrong direction, it will be a costly mistake that fans will make sure it does not repeat itself. James Bond is simply not the type of franchise that can be divided into a multitude of different stories as Disney has done with it. Star Wars franchise. So if Bezos’s plan to reimagine IP for 21S t century implies imitating that type of trajectory, it could be a big mistake.

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