James Gunn Played The Suicide Squad Soundtrack On Set While Filming

adminAugust 8, 2021

James Gunn Played The Suicide Squad Soundtrack On Set While Filming

When filming The Suicide Squad, James Gunn made sure to play songs from the soundtrack and score on set, as he had planned them in advance.

When filming Suicide squad, director James Gunn made sure to play songs from the soundtrack and score on set. After directing two music-heavy MCU movies, Gunn is bringing his talents to the DCEU with Suicide squad. The project is the second to bring the incumbent anti-hero team to the big screen, but the first results are far more favorable so far. While the 2016 effort led by David Ayer was influenced by the study, Suicide squad has garnered rave reviews ahead of its theatrical and broadcast debut this week.

Suicide squad features a mostly new Task Force X as they embark on a dangerous mission on the fictional island of Corto Maltese. Once again under the control of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), the disparate team must learn to work together if they are to make it out alive. Of course, as Gunn has already hinted, not everyone will. Suicide squad It will rack up the death count quite a bit, and based on the movie’s R rating, it will be gory.

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With Suicide squad About to launch, all that’s left for Gunn is to promote the project and share new details about it. While talking to NME About the film, the director revealed that he performed parts of the soundtrack while filming. “So when you see them walking in the rain to the Pixies, “Hey,” we have “Hey” Pixies ringing on set.“Gunn explained, as he often writes songs on the script. Plus, he also played the score.”And not only do we have the songs that I write in the script, but John Murphy, who is the composer of this movie, we wrote the music tracks for important sections long before the movie was shot.Gunn added.So that we shoot the movie with the scores that are being played.. “The reason for this, he said, is because”lets actors know what the scene feels like. “

Team in The Suicide Squad

Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy The movies have featured some of the most memorable needle drops of the past decade, from “Hooked on a Feeling” to “The Chain.” Suicide squad It won’t be as focused on music as those Marvel movies do, but Gunn has confirmed that it will feature a lot of songs. It has built a great reputation for its impressive soundtracks, and even the ones above. Suicide squad he had an amazing song list. It will be interesting to see what is included in The suicide squad.

A fragment of Murphy Suicide squad The soundtrack has already been released, and it has a distinctly rock and roll vibe. Considering the anarchic aesthetic that Gunn has cultivated during Suicide squad, it should fit the movie pretty well. Actors do not always have the opportunity to hear the music that will be played in certain scenes, so they play them on the set of Suicide squad He must have added something special to the whole production. Fans will be able to hear the full soundtrack for themselves soon, as the movie is finally on the brink of release. Hopefully it has good bops.

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Source: NME/Twitter

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