James Gunn Reveals His Favorite Costume From The Suicide Squad

adminMay 13, 2021

James Gunn Reveals His Favorite Costume From The Suicide Squad

Writer / director James Gunn reveals his favorite costume from The Suicide Squad ensemble list, which hits theaters and at HBO Max in August.

Writer / director James Gunn has revealed his favorite costume from the set list of Suicide squad. Acting as a standalone sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 blockbuster, the story centers on Belle Reve’s titular group of inmates as they are tasked with heading to the South American island of Corto Maltese to destroy the prison and laboratory. from the Nazi era, Jotunheim. The cast includes the returns of Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman, as well as performances by Idris Elba, Sylvester Stallone, John Cena, Peter Capaldi and Michael Rooker.

After the box office success of the first Suicide squadWarner Bros. accelerated development on a sequel and numerous spin-offs, and Ayer is expected to return alongside original star Will Smith. However, due to creative differences between the studio and Ayer, the writer / director left and began the search for a new director, eventually getting Gunn to write and direct after their initial split with Marvel Studios. Although Marvel would reconnect with Gunn the next day, Kevin Feige gave him the opportunity to do the DC Extended Universe movie before returning to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Unlike some movies releasing this year, namely from WB, the film did not experience release delays related to COVID-19, but is scheduled to debut simultaneously on HBO Max and in theaters.

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After describing his love and appreciation for costume designer Judianna Makovsky and her team for their work bringing Elba’s Bloodsport to life with her outfit, a fan asked Gunn on Twitter, which character costume was your favorite from the movie’s character list. Gunn responded by confirming that Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man remains his favorite, particularly because of Makovsky’s ability to bring his vision to life on the first try. Check out Gunn’s reveal below:

While fans have been completely excited about the film’s list of new and returning characters, Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man has been one of the most talked about of the bunch. From his death wish to his extravagant costume and the actor’s past in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with him Ant Man series, viewers have been laughing and also clamoring to learn more about the character. Given Gunn’s talent for humor and offbeat characters, it should come as no surprise that the Polka-Dot Man costume was his favorite to design.

The only real concern fans should have is whether this love of designing the character’s costume carries over to Gunn making the effort to keep him alive at the end of the story. Proudly boasting that they unleashed who to kill, the trailers seem pretty clear on who Gunn wants to keep alive for the film. However, with the posters frequently reminding fans not to get too fond of it, Polka-Dot Man’s fate is certainly up in the air. Fans will have to hold their breath until Suicide squad hits theaters and HBO Max this August.

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