James Gunn Reveals Which Suicide Squad Death Always Makes Him Cry

adminAugust 31, 2021

James Gunn Reveals Which Suicide Squad Death Always Makes Him Cry

During The Suicide Squad HBO Max viewing party, director James Gunn revealed which of the film’s many deaths always makes him cry.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Suicide squad

James Gunn has revealed which of the many deaths in Suicide squad it always makes him cry. DC Gunn Renewal Suicide squad go Task Force X get a makeover. Along with returning misfits Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, and Captain Boomerang, the group has new faces like Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and King Shark. The film shows the group embarking on a dangerous mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the mysterious Project Starfish. Unlike the bad received 2016 Suicide squad film, Gunn’s version is rated R, and while it packs a lot of humor, there is no shortage of violence and deaths of high-profile characters. Gunn himself alluded to this in the film’s promotional tagline,“Don’t get too fond of” before its launch.

Warner Bros.’ DC’s latest offering has fared poorly at the box office, but it has become HBO Max’s most-watched DC movie. Besides that, Suicide squad has received rave reviews from both critics and audiences, with many praising Gunn’s ability to inject a great deal of emotion into the story. One way the director has done this effectively is through the deaths of various characters, most notably Rick Flag. Flag is killed by Peacemaker in one of the film’s most memorable scenes after he tries to “do good.” Gunn mentioned earlier that two deaths in the movie always make him cry, and during Suicide squad HBO Max Watch Party, revealed one of them.

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During the live see party, Gunn revealed on Twitter that Rick’s death during his fight scene with Peacemaker excites him, writing: “I cry all the time when I see him.” As well as being a scene known for its unique shot showing the reflection of Peacemaker and Rick fighting in Peacemaker’s helmet, it also features an internal image of Rick’s heart once he is stabbed. Gunn also mentions this shot in the tweet and explains that it was because he “I wanted people to see very clearly that this was a real death.” Read Gunn’s full tweet below:

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Of the many deaths in Suicide squad, none are more emotional than Rick Flag’s, so it’s easy to see why this particular moment brings Gunn to tears. Death carries additional weight considering the moral standing of the two characters, as Peacemaker’s blind and foolish following of Amanda Waller’s orders led to Flag’s disappearance. Rick’s last words (“Peacemaker, what a joke ”). and Peacemaker’s reaction are also perhaps a precursor to the next Pacifier Serie. Gunn has previously alluded to wanting to explore “Something below” Peacemaker’s hardened exterior. Interestingly, the director also justifies the shot to the heart as crucial to the audience’s understanding. In a movie with so many deaths (and deaths caused), Rick’s comes home even more because showing his damaged heart confirms that he is indeed dead.

Gunn has said he wants to tell more stories about DC villains, and has also made fun of more Suicide squad derived programs. Given that, it’s possible that Rick Flag will return. For now, HBO Max’s Pacifier will be Gunn’s next project in DC, with Cena declaring the show “Turn up the volume” of what the public sees in Suicide squad. Expecting viewers can only assume that means many more death scenes to come. Whether or not they have the same emotional impact on Gunn or his fans remains to be seen.

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