Jamie Lee Curtis Says Don’t F**k With ScarJo Amidst Black Widow Lawsuit

adminSeptember 19, 2021

Jamie Lee Curtis Says Don’t F**k With ScarJo Amidst Black Widow Lawsuit

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis says don’t fuck with Scarlett Johansson in the wake of her lawsuit against Disney over contract dispute with Black Widow.

Jamie Lee Curtis Says Not To Fuck With Scarlett Johansson In The Middle Of It Black widow lawsuit against Disney, as well as in general. Johansson’s lawsuit alleges that the simultaneous release of the Marvel film in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access without a renegotiation of his contract cost him significant financial gain. Disney decided to test the waters with Black widow by doing the simultaneous release, which possibly cost the film to underperform at the box office (compared to other Marvel films), making its back-end treatment in theatrical performance significantly lower. The film opened at $ 80 million domestically and has so far made $ 372 million globally. Compared, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ring Tens debuted with $ 75 million and has already made $ 262 million globally after two weeks of release, with the theatrical window still open.

Curtis is a renowned actress in her own right, being one of the original “screaming queens” of the ’70s and’ 80s and later starred in a number of high-profile projects over the years, like James Cameron’s. True Lies, Halloween H20By Rian Johnson Knives out and the latest series of sequels to the Hallowe’en franchise. The daughter of famous Hitchcock actress Janet Leigh and actor Tony Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis has consistently worked in film since she played the role of Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s original film. Hallowe’en in 1978. Curtis is also a popular children’s book author, having written several of them since 1993.

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In an article about the 100 most influential people of 2021 to Time Magazine, Curtis was tasked with writing an article about actress Scarlett Johansson, where she fiercely defends the Black widow star, without hitting when saying, “Don’t fuck with this mama bear.” Curtis elaborates on Johansson’s situation, comparing it to the narrative in the Black widow film, in which Natasha Romanoff must fight a manipulative man in power (Ray Winstone’s Dreykov). This is compared to the “real life manipulation“That Johansson has suffered under Disney, with Curtis likening him to another man in power, suggesting Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Read a portion of Curtis’ writing below:

I recently saw her own the screen as the Black widow, that he takes revenge on a powerful figure who manipulates (emphasis on the man) women to fight for him. And then I saw his brilliant response to a real life manipulation (same emphasis), when he presented a lawsuit for breach of contract against the studio, claiming that its decision to release the film simultaneously in theaters and on streaming cost it substantial losses of salary.

Whether it’s as a killer with a conscience, an actress with an emotional core, or, just giving birth to her second child, a fierce mother, the message is clear: don’t fuck with this mama bear.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out

Curtis is currently doing the promotional rounds for the latest sequel to the Hallowe’en franchise, Halloween deaths, which is again directed by David Gordon Green. She will film another chapter of that saga, Halloween ends, which is expected to close the franchise in 2022. In addition, the actress also stars in Eli Roth’s video game adaptation of Borderlands. Meanwhile, Johansson is moving from the MCU to Wes Anderson’s upcoming untitled movie, as well as drama. Bride by the director Sebastián Lelio.

Many celebrities have come out to defend Johansson in the midst of it. Black widow Lawsuit with Disney, one of the first being her Marvel co-star Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch in the MCU. While most celebrities and creatives have had to deal with the fallout from the pandemic in terms of how it affects the presentation of their work, it appears that Johansson’s lawsuit is the catalyst that has altered future deals forever, including Cruella star Emma Stone, who negotiated her return for a sequel after the lawsuit was announced and with that in mind. Deals across Hollywood are now being tweaked as well, including more stars receiving a higher upfront fee for streaming projects, as there is no theatrical back-end to negotiate. With streaming seemingly going nowhere, this new business model is surely here to stay and Johansson’s demand will always be known as the one that helped launch the change.

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