Jango Fett & Boba Fett Supposed To Be “Same Person,” Says George Lucas

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Jango Fett & Boba Fett Supposed To Be “Same Person,” Says George Lucas

Star Wars creator George Lucas says Jango Fett’s portrayal of Temuera Morrison was helpful in informing Daniel Logan’s performance as Boba Fett.

In a recent special documentary for Disney +, Star Wars creator George Lucas revealed that he sees boba fett and his father, Jango Fett, as essentially the same character. The special, entitled Under the helmet: the legacy of Boba Fett, offers a complete description of the 40-year history of the main character before Boba Fett’s booklaunch next month. Many of the most important figures involved in the creation of the character, including the concept artist, Joe Johnston; the sound designer, Ben Burtt; and Lucas himself, appear in the documentary to share their unique insights on the iconic bounty hunter.

Following Boba Fett’s brief appearances in the original trilogy, Lucas brought the character back in 2002. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, played by child actor Daniel Logan. The movie retroactively explains that Boba is actually an unmodified clone of his father, Jango (Temuera Morrison), a creative way to incorporate the same character into the prequel trilogy while teasing the boundaries of chronology. Thanks to this retcon, Morrison was conveniently cast as a post-original Boba Fett trilogy when the character returned in season 2 of The mandalorian.

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As revealed in Under the helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett, Lucas apparently saw the two characters as the same person. He said that “Acting wisely, it was very nice to have [Morrison] there” to help inform the portrayal of Logan as a younger version of “the same person.” See the full quote below:

Acting wisely, it was great to have [Morrison] there, because the character had worked. [Boba and Jango are] it’s supposed to be the same person, more or less.

Jango and Boba Fett flying Slave I in Attack of the Clones

It’s interesting to hear Lucas’s candid take on the matter. At the time, naysayers criticized Fett’s retcon in Attack of the clones as an indulgent fan service included solely to fit a classic character in the prequel trilogy. In the documentary, Lucas is quite transparent that Jango is “about” a copy of the original Mandalorian bounty hunter.

Regardless of Lucas’s intention at the time, Fett’s retcon has gone on to have undulating implications in the broader realm. Star Wars Canyon. The tradition established in Attack of the clones forever entwined the Fetts with the legendary Clone Wars, a watershed event only briefly mentioned in the original trilogy. Boba Fett’s book will probably develop further By Boba Fett complicated relationship with his father when the series premieres next month.

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Source: Under the helmet: the legacy of Boba Fett

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