Jared Leto Explains How Justice League’s Joker Differs From Suicide Squad’s

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Jared Leto Explains How Justice League’s Joker Differs From Suicide Squad’s

Jared Leto talks about working with different directors and the evolution of his Joker from Suicide Squad to Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Jared Leto explains the difference between Suicide squad‘s Joker and that of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Following the critical review of 2017, League of Justice, the pop culture phenomenon known as the Snyder Cut represents the redemption of the DC Extended Universe. Snyder’s 4-hour vision contains and develops more characters than its theatrical counterpart. Perhaps the most unexpected addition to the film is Leto’s Joker.

Following legends like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, the hype surrounding Leto’s performance in David Ayer Suicide squad (2016) was unprecedented. Unfortunately, his incarnation received mixed responses due to creative choices like reading nose tattoos, “HAHA,” “Damaged,” and a swanky wardrobe attributable to a modern Scarface. After debuting, Warner Bros. dropped various plans they had for Leto’s Joker and rebooted the character with Joaquin Phoenix. Given DC’s new creative direction, it’s as surprising to see more of the “Snyderverse” as it is to see a tattooless Leto in overalls and a SWAT vest (presumably covered in the insignia of the police officers he has murdered) on. League of JusticeKnightmare timeline.

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During an appearance in The Last Show with Stephen ColbertLeto was shown two photographs: one of his green-haired and tattooed character. Suicide squad and the other was League of JusticeIt is the darkest and long-haired version. Leto was then asked to comment on the differences between those two people and whether or not they are a continuum of the same character:

“I think it’s an evolution, they are separated by a few years,” Leto explained. “When you collaborate with someone … when you work with a different director, you bring out different things or they bring out different things in you. So, I loved working with [Zack Snyder], I loved his passion, he knows more about this world than almost anyone. “

Zack Snyder Praises Jared Leto Joker

In the interview, Leto can be seen wearing a “We live in a society” T-shirt (proceeds go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), which pays tribute to the line related to the memes that Leto improvised in one of Snyder’s trailers. League of Justice. Leto went on to express how grateful he was to be able to return to the role, while Colbert hinted at the possibility of further expansion. The film’s various plot threads, cliffhangers, and character evolution certainly make room for that. League of JusticeThe Knightmare sequence takes place several years in the future. Given his post-apocalyptic nature, brought on by Darkseid, his Apokoliptian invaders, the Anti-Life Equation, and Superman, it makes sense for the Joker to stop dyeing his hair green and wear nice clothes (especially since he’s most likely incarcerated). Also, the tattoos are gone (it’s not hard to imagine the Joker enduring the laser removal) and his face is covered in random paint.

As in Ben Affleck’s Batman, the Joker has lost everything, with vigilantism and crime being a moot point in a burned-out world. The scene between the two manages to cover a lot of ground without feeling artificial (can you believe the actors didn’t even shoot together?). As mirror images of each other, the characters touch on similar motifs and people who have lost just before a well-placed expletive and a letter of truce. It will be interesting to see if the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League you have the ability to restore Synderverse; paving the way for multiple big screen Jokers and an implied legendary team to save the world. Joker took a back seat to Margot Robbie’s Quinn in Suicide squad but in League of Justice, with an aesthetic true to the character and vision of Snyder, is deliberately stealing scenes.

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Source: The Last Show with Stephen Colbert

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