John Carpenter Has Ideas for Escape From New York 3 & 4

adminJuly 28, 2021

John Carpenter Has Ideas for Escape From New York 3 & 4

Veteran Escape From New York director and filmmaker John Carpenter says he has a few more ideas up his sleeve for Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken.

Veteran filmmaker John Carpenter has recently said that he has more stories in mind for the Kurt Russell film. Escape from New York Snake Plissken character. Carpenter, whose extensive resume began in the 1970s, was able to make the sci-fi / action classic building on the success of his 1978 horror film. Hallowe’en. Most recently, Carpenter returned as an executive producer and consultant in 2018. Hallowe’en, a direct inherited sequel to its original horror movie that ignored all the other sequels that came after.

Carpenter originally wrote the script for Escape from New York in 1976 in the wake of the Nixon Watergate scandal, but according to Carpenter, “nobody wanted it then. It was too violent, too scary, too strange”. When the film was finally released in 1981, it was a critical and box office success that inspired other pop culture icons such as cyberpunk author William Gibson. Neuromancer and the Metal gear video game series. In 1996, Carpenter and Russell reunited for a sequel. Escape From LA, but unfortunately, it failed to achieve the same level of success or acclaim as its predecessor.

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While Carpenter’s work appears to be undergoing a significant renaissance, with the ongoing continuation of the Hallowe’en franchise, the filmmaker’s mind now seems to be turning to another of his successful franchises. In a recent interview with Total movieCarpenter has admitted that there may still be more in store for Russell’s iconic antihero. See what Carpenter said below:

“He’s a character that Kurt loves passionately. He convinced me to do the sequel. There’s probably a third or maybe even a fourth story about Snake. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it, but I think he deserves that.”

Escape From New York (1981) by John Carpenter

While Carpenter isn’t sure if he’ll ever get a chance to see these sequels made, there’s likely a huge appetite for them among fans. Even though numerous attempts have been made to get a reboot off the ground, it would be difficult for any fan to imagine anyone other than Kurt Russell in the role of Snake. Even Russell’s son, The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWyatt Russell has said that he would never consider taking on his father’s beloved persona.

Rather than a reboot, a potential sequel, or sequels, which would see Russell return to the role, however fans would undoubtedly receive much more favorably. With Jamie Lee Curtis successfully returning to her role as Laurie Strode in Carpenter’s Hallowe’en franchise, there’s no reason why Kurt Russell’s possible return as Snake Plissken should be less celebrated. No doubt Escape from New York Fans will keep their fingers crossed as Carpenter’s ideas for more outings in the franchise begin to make their way into production.

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Source: Total movie

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