Joker 2 Reportedly Being Written By Original Movie’s Director

adminJune 1, 2021

Joker 2 Reportedly Being Written By Original Movie’s Director

Joker 2 will reportedly see Todd Phillips, who directed and co-wrote the original Joker movie, return to co-write the Warner Bros. sequel.

A new report says Todd Phillips, who directed and co-wrote the original jester film, has been officially hired to co-write Joker 2. The first film, starring Joaquin Phoenix as DC’s titular supervillain, garnered widespread critical acclaim and won several major awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Phoenix. The sequel has been highly anticipated by fans since the original’s release.

Co-written by Scott Silver and director Todd Phillips, jester put a classic Hollywood spin on the villain’s origin story, with clear tributes to movies like Taxi driver In particular. The film took place outside of DCEU core canon, allowing for drastic differences in tone and style, as well as an R rating. Phoenix’s performance as the Joker has generally been seen as one of the best depictions of the character.

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According to a report by THR, Phillips will rewrite the script for “The next installment of Joker”. It’s unclear if original co-writer Silver will also return for the sequel, but Phillips’s return suggests that he will likely be directing as well. Joker 2. Warner Bros. has announced a host of new and relatively independent DC film projects over the past year, and it should be interesting to see how Joker’s The unique style fits those future plans.

Joker, Joaquin Phoenix

Although it was a great critical hit, jester it was not without controversy. The film’s sympathetic story about a man who resorts to violence after feeling ostracized by society was heavily criticized for perpetuating a dangerous message that such violence is justified. In an era where mass shootings and domestic terrorism are frequently in the news, many people were understandably upset by the sympathy of the Joker, traditionally written as a psychopathic character.

Whether or not the sequel decides to address those issues remains to be seen. The original film makes some interesting new connections between Joker and the Wayne family, and that story could become even more important in Joker 2. However, it seems unlikely that the movie would dive too far into the DC comics, as jester It’s not narratively connected to any other DCEU movies and likely won’t be in the future either. Between Joker 2 and the film directed by Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves The batman Released in 2022, fans will have plenty of opportunities to return to Gotham City’s cinematic streets.

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Source: THR

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