Justice League Black & White Version Releasing At 12 AM PST On HBO Max

adminMarch 26, 2021

Justice League Black & White Version Releasing At 12 AM PST On HBO Max

Director Zack Snyder drops a new trailer for the black and white version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League confirming when it will be released.

A new trailer for the monochrome version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been released with the director releasing a sneak peek. It’s been less than a week since the much-touted version of the Warner Bros. ensemble project began airing on HBO Max, but another incarnation of the film is looming. This time, you will have a black and white palette.

More than three years since the theatrical version of League of Justice Hitting theaters, proponents of the Release the Snyder Cut movement finally got what they had been demanding. The four-hour version of the film reveals Snyder’s original vision for the film before it was significantly altered by new footage supervised by substitute director Joss Whedon. Aside from the scenes already shot during the film’s principal photography, Snyder also added the Knightmare sequence towards the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which brings Jared Leto’s Joker into the movie. He makes fun of what the League of Justice The sequels would be about addressing Superman turning evil after Lois Lane’s death. As it stands, there are no plans to move on to the rest of the Snyder story, but soon, fans will be able to enjoy a different take on the Snyder Cut.

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By taking it to your official Vero account, Snyder released a new trailer for the monochrome iteration of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It also confirms that this cut will be available to stream on HBO Max at midnight PST. Check out the clip below:

Officially titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice is Gray, It’s unclear what this new version of the film will be compared to its recent predecessor, aside from a black and white color palette. That said, Snyder teased that it might feature an alternate scene from Jared Leto’s Joker, which only appeared in the movie’s Knightmare sequence. There is no additional information on what the new scene mentioned above will be, but it is safe to assume that it will not significantly change the context of the narrative. If anything, it could be more about the personal relationship between Batman and the Clown Prince of Crime.

Known for its aesthetics, Snyder said this black and white version of Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueAlong with its 4: 3 aspect ratio it is his favorite incarnation of the movie. Whether or not it’s worth sitting down for another four hours is entirely up to the viewers. With that said, for those who are already planning to rewatch the movie, they might as well give this monochrome shot a try during their next viewing.

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