Kate Reviews Slam Derivative Plot That Wastes Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Kate Reviews Slam Derivative Plot That Wastes Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Netflix’s action thriller Kate drops it today, but critics criticize it for wasting Mary Elizabeth Winstead and copying other action plots.

Netflix’s new action thriller Kate drops today, but critics are frustrated with its spinoff plot wasting its talented star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Winstead has appeared in many action movies before, including Birds of prey, Gemini man, Proof of death, and Live free or die hard. She is an extremely capable and versatile actress who always deserves more time in the limelight, and Kate It has finally given him a chance to show off his action skills as a leading man.

Kate It implies that its titular murderer was poisoned and found to have only 24 hours to live. Aided by the teenage daughter of a previous target (Miku Martineau), she searches the streets of Tokyo to find a potential cure and get revenge on the person who poisoned her. Along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Martineau, Kate starring Woody Harrelson, Tadanobu Asano, and Jun Kunimura.

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Unfortunately, it seems Kate it won’t be able to counter the poison of critics. He has been widely criticized for wasting the potential provided by having the charismatic Mary Elizabeth Winstead at the helm. Likewise, the film is unable to shake off the comparisons to the many action films from which it draws inspiration. There’s solid action at its core, most critics agree, but it’s just not worth breaking through the extremely soft shell around it. Read some selected quotes from critics below:

Molly Freeman, Screen rant

Unfortunately, Kate [feels] as an amalgamation of other noteworthy action films, such as Leitch’s films John wick and Atomic blonde – instead of yours. While there is some fun action, it doesn’t necessarily feel fresh or exciting, especially since Nicolas-Troyan employs certain (and extremely used) camera tricks, such as having blood splatter on the camera (a favorite of directors when shooting them). 3D movies became popular for the first time). ).

Charles Bramesco, AV Club

Audiences have fair reason to look suspiciously at a racial dynamic that sees a white woman taking down wave after wave of faceless Asian foes, and the script makes a feeble attempt to come out front with the occasional joke about the silly gaijin. .. Whether it’s the pit stop at a J-pop concert, a short kabuki interlude, a joke about exotic soda flavors, phrases like “most pitiful” or the chibi-style anime T-shirt Kate wears. For most of its last day, The Fascination of Nicolas-Troyan never goes deeper than the broad novelty a tourist seeks.

Leah Greenblatt, Weekly entertainment

It’s a feat that director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (The Huntsman: Winter’s War) manages to turn the film’s old One Last Job setting into a lizard-satisfying thriller; His lens opens and he plunges into Tokyo, the bright neon chaos of the city being a kinetic backdrop to an increasingly baroque series of murders. (At one point, a murder also happens to turn into a haircut.) Subtle is not.

Odie Henderson, RogerEbert.com

There’s a cynical air to the lackluster procedures, as if the filmmakers assume you’re going to trip. Kate and look at it simply because it’s there and you’re too lazy to scroll down the screen in search of something better. That seems to be Netflix’s rationale for its mid-budget actors, and it can provide a lot of satisfaction if there’s a good story welded onto the stage. But Umair Aleem’s script is so familiar painted by numbers that it leaves you wishing you’ve seen one of the best movies he’s copying. I think Netflix has several of those too.

Christy Lemire, Filmweek

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has a really incredible presence … and this movie is classy, ​​but it’s really nothing we haven’t seen before. What sets him apart is that he is incredibly brutally violent.

Miguel Ordoña, Los Angeles Times

This is an 87North production, generated by people behind John wick and Atomic blonde, so it is an exercise in form over substance. And that’s okay. Just be grateful Kate does not seem to belong to the flourishing [Wick universe]Therefore, it is not overwhelmed by its increasingly burdensome claims.

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

Then yes: Kate it is John wick Satisfies Die hard Satisfies Collateral Satisfies Kill bill all volumes and we’ve seen it all before and you’re not going to get much in the way of the original plot, but what Will get is a fun place with some dark and wickedly sharp humor, screen popping visuals, and some pretty good fight choreography.

KATE (2021), Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("Kate")

Only from the Kate trailer, it’s easy to see where the movie is influenced by previous movies like John wick with its colorful neon aesthetic and especially Crank, which implies that Jason Statham is forced to keep adrenaline pumping through his body to prevent him from succumbing to a vicious poison. This seems to be the sticking point for most critics, given that Kate it doesn’t add anything new to the formula. However, some have acknowledged that the movie is not bad to watch late at night with a bowl of popcorn. Spectators should make sure to enter without any expectations.

All that said, maybe Mary Elizabeth Winstead fans should wait Kate. It’s a shame that this action outing, which should have been a pleasure, seems to have failed. As fans eagerly await news of a Birds of prey 2, they will have to bounce back with a few reruns of other Winstead titles like Scott Pilgrim vs. the world or 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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  • Kate (2021)Release Date: Sep 10, 2021

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