Kevin Feige Reportedly Angry At Disney Over Black Widow Streaming Release

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Kevin Feige Reportedly Angry At Disney Over Black Widow Streaming Release

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige reportedly “got angry” at Disney over the launch of Black Widow and the subsequent Scarlett Johansson lawsuit.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is said to be angry about the streaming launch of Black widow and the subsequent litigation brought by Scarlett Johansson against the Walt Disney Company. After multiple delays as a result of the pandemic, Black widow – Johansson’s swan song to the role he has played since 2010 finally released both in theaters and via mainstream access on Disney + on July 9. Despite a good opening weekend, beating its closest competition F9 easily, Black widow saw a significant 67% drop in box office revenue in its second opening weekend, the biggest of any MCU movie. In part, this drop was attributed to the immediate availability of the film on Disney + and increased film piracy, as well as the current state of cinema attendance as a result of the pandemic.

Yesterday, Johansson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Disney for an alleged breach of contract. Johansson’s contract states that his salary depends on the box office success of the film in which he appears, in this case. Black widow While other studios, such as Warner Bros., have bought the actors’ contracts to account for lost revenue caused by real-time releases, Disney has been unwilling to do the same for its stars. As such, they have allegedly cost the actress $ 50 million. The lawsuit marks one of the first times a star has faced a studio over her move toward a streaming release, though Emma Stone is rumored to be considering a similar lawsuit. Cruella.

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Johansson may have also found an ally in the president of Marvel Studios, and former Hollywood Reporter editor Matt Belloni claimed in his newsletter. What I’m hearing … that “Feige is upset” on Disney’s decision to launch Black widow simultaneously in theaters and on Disney +. While Belloni points out that Feige is not usually the type to face confrontation, “a business man” he is reportedly “angry and embarrassed” about the situation, having pushed for an exclusively theatrical release of the film and wants Disney to fix things with Johansson. You can read the full Belloni report below:

“And make no mistake: Feige is upset. He is a company man and is not prone to corporate confrontations or yelling. But I have been told that he is angry and embarrassed. He lobbied Disney against the day and date plan for Black Widow, preferring the exclusivity of the big screen and not wanting to alter her talent. And then when shit hit the fan, the movie started to sink and Johansson’s team threatened litigation, he wanted Disney to fix this with her. (Disney declined to comment on Feige.) “

Belloni also highlighted Feige’s importance to both Marvel Studios and Disney, having presided over the MCU’s box office dominance for more than ten years. Belloni went so far as to describe the executive as “Disney’s most important employee”, noting that they were quick to make changes to appease Feige after he reportedly threatened to leave Marvel Studios over his numerous run-ins with Marvel boss Ike Perlmutter. The fact that Disney chose to go against Feige’s wishes, as well as the plans laid out for a purely theatrical release, instigating a simulcast release does not bode well for the relationship between the two. Especially if you deliberately wanted to avoid a streaming launch to avoid such a tank in box office revenue. The fact that Disney was glad it did if streaming metrics remained strong suggests a distinctly different set of goals.

Feige has been incredibly loyal to the stars of the franchise throughout the years, and previously stated that he would be more than happy for Johansson to return to the MCU. He had also stated how many of Black widows The elements, including the participation of director Cate Shortlands, were the result of the actress and also praised her as one of the MCU’s biggest stars, which she has unquestionably been. It’s understandable why Feige would want to avoid annoying her and try hard to get it right. The fact that Johansson has left the MCU means that the damage is not as threatening as it could be. However, if Disney is pushing for more streaming releases similar to Black widows, Against Feige’s best judgment and wishes, it will be interesting to see how the executive responds if the studio’s relationship with its stars is in jeopardy. We will just have to wait for more news regarding this demand in the coming weeks.

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Source: Matt belloni

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