LA Confidential Writer James Ellroy Launching True Crime Podcast

adminApril 19, 2021

LA Confidential Writer James Ellroy Launching True Crime Podcast

LA Confidential writer James Ellroy is launching a true crime podcast called Hollywood Death Trip, which chronicles a series of true murders.

LA Confidential Writer, James ellroy, is launching a true crime podcast. Known for writing a sequence of novels called LA Quartet, what includes The black dahlia, The great nowhere, LA Confidential, Y White jazzEllroy has spent most of his career venturing into the world of crime fiction. Nicknamed the “Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction,” Ellroy is a Los Angeles native who has used his familiarity with the City of Angels to infuse his true crimes and unsolved mysteries with real-life and fictional characters. Now the famous author is using his expertise in a new medium.

For Term, Ellroy has partnered with Audio Up to produce and narrate the true crimes podcast, Hollywood death trip. Scheduled for a five-part series, Hollywood death trip will plunge into the chaos that occurred in Los Angeles after a series of notable mid-century murders. Scheduled to debut in August, the podcast will arrive shortly after Elloy’s latest novel, General panic.

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Featuring period music, archival radio segments, and compelling sound effects, episodes will include Glamor jungle, which highlights an unsolved murder from 1963, Stephanie, which sums up the haunting death of Stephanie Gorman, Crash at night, which recounts the events of the 1976 murder of Rebel without a cause star, Sal Mineo, and a two-part episode titled Body dumps Y My mother’s killer, which centers on the murder of Ellroy’s own mother.

Of course, podcasts continue to grow in popularity, and Ellroy is the ideal choice for taking the reins of a true crime podcast. In fact, listeners can expect to experience a rollercoaster of emotions from the latest installment that will see Ellroy plunge into the events of the 1958 murder of his mother, Geneva Odelia. True crime fans can listen in August to hear Ellroy narrate the podcast, Hollywood death trip.

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Source: Deadline

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