Lewis Tan Loves Our Keanu Reeves Johnny Cage April Fool’s Joke

adminApril 26, 2021

Lewis Tan Loves Our Keanu Reeves Johnny Cage April Fool’s Joke

Lewis Tan, who plays Cole Young in the 2021 Mortal Kombat reboot, loved April Fool’s joke about Keanu Reeves playing Johnny Cage.

Mortal KombatLewis Tan loved our April Fools’ joke that Keanu Reeves would play Johnny Cage in the film’s sequel. The 2021 reboot introduced six of the video game franchise’s original seven playable characters, including Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Kano, Raiden, and Scorpion, but Johnny Cage was absent from the list. The producers explained why Johnny Cage is not in Mortal Kombat, but the end of the film marked the introduction of the iconic character in a possible sequel.

After the defenders of Earthrealm defeat the forces of Outerworld, there is still another Mortal Kombat tournament to try in the future and the presentation of the Hollywood star. Tan’s Cole Young comes out at the end of the movie looking for Cage, who will appear prominently Mortal Kombat 2. First, however, the producers will have to choose the character and cast of Mortal Kombat had some suggestions.

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Talking to CinemaBlendTan suggested a few names that he would like to see Johnny Cage play. One of them was Scott Atkins, but the actor goes on to talk about an April Fools joke that suggested Reeves would play Johnny Cage. Tan says that Reeves as Cage would be a very interesting casting choice, but he falls short of fully endorsing Reeves in the role.

I think Johnny is such an iconic character and I think we were building a new energy for this movie. We’re building something that respects the franchise from before, but we’re also ushering in a new era, like the trailer said, you know what I mean? That’s how we really feel about it. So there are many ways it can enter my mind. There was an April Fools joke on Twitter that I saw that it was like Keanu Reeves was going to play Johnny Cage, and I thought, that’s a pretty interesting casting.

Mortal Kombat Lewis Tan and Johnny Cage

Reeves is a formidable action star, with franchises like Matrix Y John wick to massive box office success. In the role of Cage, Reeves could be even more boisterous and flamboyant, as the Hollywood star is known for his arrogance in the Mortal Kombat games. Unfortunately, Reeves is quite busy and it seems unlikely that he will stick with another major franchise while he continues to work on others. Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim signed a five-movie deal, so yes Mortal Kombat continues to be successful, the franchise could be in theaters for years to come.

Even if the casting of Reeves is a long shot, one thing is for sure: Johnny Cage is no small role and the producers must find the perfect person to fill the larger-than-life shoes. Johnny Cage’s appearance in a possible sequel will also give fans something to look forward to in another. Mortal Kombat delivery. Despite the movie being overloaded with fighters, there is plenty of room for the franchise to grow and adding Johnny Cage will be the first step in taking a potential sequel to the next level.

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