Lin-Manuel Miranda Shows Off 21-Year-Old In The Heights Original Poster

adminJune 17, 2021

Lin-Manuel Miranda Shows Off 21-Year-Old In The Heights Original Poster

Lin Manuel-Miranda showed a 21-year-old hand-drawn poster promoting In The Heights alongside his old friend and former college roommate.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wore a 21-year-old In the heights poster that was created by her former college roommate, Alex Horwitz, prior to the show’s Broadway debut in 2008. Miranda wrote the musical during her sophomore year at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and is celebrating the theatrical release and HBO’s Max from the film version of the musical, which tells the unique stories of New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood residents, and shares their experiences. heritage, goals and aspirations.

Miranda’s love for musical theater arose at the urging of her own parents Luis and Luz, who owned hundreds of Broadway-related albums, filling the young man’s ears with this style of music from an early age. The melodies of Man of La Mancha, Jesus Christ Superstar, The sound of the music, Y The unsinkable Molly Brown filled the family home. This early inspiration gave rise to a love of acting in high school and college. Miranda took two of her last two years at Wesleyan to finish her script and music for In the heights. A week after graduation, he would show the finished product to Wesleyan alumnus and songwriter Thomas Kail. Six years later, the show would win Broadway’s greatest honor, a Tony Award.

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In a Twitter upload, Miranda shared the original poster for In the heights. Miranda and Horwitz, tearful, were together, hugging each other in a show of affection, as they held the sketch for the camera. In the caption for the image, Miranda expressed her appreciation for the surprising and thoughtful gesture. Check out the photo below:

This gift is as important as the long-standing bond between men. Miranda said she wrote In the heights because, as a Latino, I didn’t see a way to become part of the musical theater community. He said he didn’t see Latinx stories being told, so he wrote down what he felt was lacking in the industry. This drawing represented the central elements of the musical, a world created by Miranda, which at its core spoke directly of friendship, family, and the importance of a connection to one’s heritage. As a standalone piece, the artwork captures the essence of what In the heights it would go on to represent the people and stories of the area featured both on Broadway and in the musical film. Horwitz’s hand-drawn poster depicted a New York City subway car, with several connected apartment complexes built inside it, including multi-level fire escapes.

For fans of Miranda, it was heartwarming to witness her emotional reaction to the generous gift. Miranda and Horwitz have maintained the friendship formed during their college days before fame and fortune changed the trajectory of their lives. In the heights it was just an idea of ​​what it might be like when Horwitz put pen to paper. The final detailed sketch highlighted Miranda’s dreams for his future and cemented the potential that others saw in him as well.

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