Loki’s Infinity War Death Was The First Scene Written

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Loki’s Infinity War Death Was The First Scene Written

Tom Hiddleston recalls Loki’s death in Avengers: Infinity War and says it’s the first idea Joe and Anthony Russo came up with.

The first scene written for Avengers: infinity war It was Loki’s death. After a few years of running from Thanos after he failed to invade New York in the Avengers, the God of Mischief’s past finally caught up with him in Joe and Anthony Russo’s 2018 film when he came face to face with the Mad Titan.

Marvel Studios had been teasing Thanos into the MCU since Phase 1 with the villain’s first appearance in 2012. the Avengers where it was revealed that he backed Loki’s attempt to take over Earth. It was also when it became clear that the franchise was building towards the Infinity Saga as an overarching narrative with two Infinity Stones: Tesseract / Space Stone and Scepter / Mind Stone playing major roles in the film. But the proper debut of the villain would not be until Infinity war And in an effort to establish him as a worthy adversary to the Avengers, the Russos needed his initial introduction to make a lasting impact on the universe. And what better way to do that than to have him kill one of the franchise’s most beloved characters in Loki.

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Coming from his team with the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok, it seemed that the God of Mischief was finally on his way to redemption when his death took place at the beginning of Infinite war. Tom Hiddleston said Empire (via Digital spy) that Loki’s disappearance was actually the first idea the Russians came up with. Infinite war and was informed about it even before he started working on the Taika Waititi-directed film.

“It was the first scene that the Russos, Joe and Anthony, had [come up with].

They told me in person when I went to meet [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige] and he was walking me through the loose sketch of the Thor: Ragnarok story. This was in May 2016.

So I knew, before starting Ragnarok, the endgame … no pun intended. Then the moment came, three days in 2017 in the spring – I went out to Atlanta and there was such a generous atmosphere from the people on set. Some I knew from the earliest days.

I remember actually meeting him when I landed, before we started filming. He just wrapped me in a big hug and said, ‘I’m sorry, man.’ It was a great day and a great moment. “

Thor standing with his arms crossed beside Loki in the city streets.

The timeline is checked as the Infinity war Directors and writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely began to work to decipher the history of the film right around the time of Captain America: Civil Warlaunch. It’s true that having Loki killed at the beginning of the 2018 film, along with Thanos swiftly defeating the Hulk, effectively set the tone for the blockbuster. It proved Thanos to be unlike any other villain the MCU had seen before. Altogether, it also put Thor on a quest for revenge that ultimately failed after a brief span of trial. In his final moments, however, it is hinted that Loki had finally reformed himself, perhaps not completely, but the fact that he did not betray his brother and the Asgardians to save himself backed this up.

While Marvel Studios killed Loki in the main MCU timeline via Avengers: infinity war, Avengers EndgameThe time heist and impending exploration of the multiverse allowed them to continue using the character. Hiddleston will star in his own Disney + series, Loki, which will be released in June 2021. However, this alternate timeline version of the character predates redemption, and perhaps perhaps at its peak of villainy, as it has just lost the Avengers. But as with its main counterpart, expect some kind of vindication waiting for the character on the show.

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Source: Empire (via Digital spy)

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