Mads Mikkelsen Shares New Humiliating Fantastic Four Audition Details

adminApril 22, 2021

Mads Mikkelsen Shares New Humiliating Fantastic Four Audition Details

Mads Mikkelsen recalls auditioning to play Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic in 2005’s Fantastic Four, a process that he describes as “somewhat humiliating.”

Mads Mikkelsen sheds new light on her audition for Fantastic four. The actor is known for playing the title character on the NBC series, Hannibal. He also appeared in Marvel’s Strange doctor Y Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Most recently, she earned accolades for her performance in the critically acclaimed film, Another round.

But before succeeding, Mikkelsen had his share of bad experiences at auditions. An audition that the actor has mentioned before is trying out. Fantastic four, a process that finally came out. Although it was clear that he had been competing for the title role of Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic, it was unclear whether he was referring to the 2005 adaptation or the 2015 version. In further comments, Mikkelsen delves into the story and points out the source of your frustration.

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As part of Mikkelsen’s broad profile for Vulture, the Hannibal star shed new light on her audition experience for the role of Reed Richards in 2005 Fantastic four. Mikkelsen mentions that he got an American agent who encouraged him to audition as many as possible after filming. Royal Casino. As he describes it, Mikkelsen tried out for different roles regardless of whether he really wanted to appear in the movie or not. This approach led him to test for Mr. Fantastic himself, a part that ultimately went to Ioan Gruffudd. You can read Mikkelsen’s quote below:

Some of the things were interesting, and other things were like: this is where I felt like you can completely lose your confidence as an actor. Standing in an office with a person looking at your newspaper, and you pretend you have long arms and say a line. “I know that a lot of the cast is just first impressions, is there something there that reminds the producer and director of the character they are looking for? But I find it rude to ask people to walk into a room and say a line while pretending you have 80 foot arms like the rubber man. ‘Get that cup of coffee over there’, it’s like, are you crazy? There is not even a scene here. It was humiliating.

King Arthur Mads Mikkelsen

Seen from a certain perspective, it’s understandable that casting directors and producers take such a quick approach. Particularly for a movie like Fantastic fourThere were undoubtedly many actors competing for the main characters. In the case of Sue Storm, which ultimately went to Jessica Alba, other names considered included Rachel McAdams and Keri Russell. Given these factors and potential scheduling concerns, it makes sense to set an abbreviation for how heroes should arrive. And, in some cases, it can help to see what an actor can accomplish with limited direction. Still, based on Mikkelsen’s recollections, that’s not what he experienced.

Based on what Mikkelsen shares, it could be the case that the team behind Fantastic four Maybe you’ve already decided that Mikkelsen wasn’t suitable for Mr. Fantastic when he entered the room. That happens often, as many hopefuls will readily confess, but it’s easy to see how that kind of blatant disinterest can be frustrating for an actor. In any case, it is commendable that Mikkelsen stood his ground. Decades after its release, with the 2005 film a distant memory, Mikkelsen’s career shines through and he has earned the relatively rare privilege of leading the kinds of projects that really matter to him.

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