Many Saints of Newark Star Warns The Movie Is Different From The Sopranos

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Many Saints of Newark Star Warns The Movie Is Different From The Sopranos

Jon Bernthal, who plays Tony Soprano’s father Johnny Boy in The Many Saints of Newark, cautions that the prequel movie is different from the HBO show.

Jon Bernthal, star of The many saints of Newark, warn that the prequel movie will be different from The sopranos. Known for his past roles at AMC The Walking Dead and Netflix’s The Punisher, Bernthal will play Johnny Boy, the father of iconic mob boss Tony Soprano, in the upcoming prequel. The character was previously played by Joseph Siravo in flashbacks throughout the HBO original series. Since the movie needed to hire a suitable actor, Bernthal stepped in to fill its shoes.

Johnny Boy will be one of many returning characters in the prequel played by younger actors. Michael Gandolfini plays a younger version of Tony, the character originated by his late father, James. Another comeback Sopranos characters include Livia (Vera Farmiga), Uncle June (Cory Stoll), Paulie Gualtieri (Billy Magnusson) and Silvio Dante (John Magaro). Alessandro Nivola plays the film’s central character, Dickie Moltisanti, who was mentioned numerous times as Christopher’s father, but never seen in the entire HBO series.

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During an appearance in Late night with Seth Meyers (via THR), Bernthal shared his enthusiasm for the public to see Many Newark Saints on October 1, but he also warned that the prequel film will be different from the HBO series that inspired it. Read what Bernthal had to say below:

I will say that it is different. I think people are going to wait for The Sopranos, it’s not like that. I think it was very smart that they set it in the past and it’s a genuine prequel. You will see that when [Chase] While writing this show, I clearly understood the full story of who these characters were. And for the true super fans, I think it will be a lot of fun.

The Many Saints of Newark Tony Soprano Michael Gandolfini and Dickie Moltisanti Alessandro Nivola header

Bernthal noted that “true super fans” will have a lot of fun with the film, but he also made sure to moderate the expectations of those who expect the film to be on the same line as The sopranos. For starters, Many saints goes back to a completely different time period as it is set in the context of the 1967 Newark riots. The racial struggle of this time will be explored through the introduction of Leslie Odom Jr.’s character, Harold McBrayer, the leader of a rival gang that opposes Dickie.

While many are likely waiting Many saints For a full-blown origin story for Tony Soprano, Chase and Taylor have been transparent about the fact that Dicke, not Tony, is the central character in the film. That is why his son Christopher (Michael Imperioli) also narrates parts of the film. Also, the film’s title actually refers to the Moltisantis, given that the name translates to “many saints,” indicating how the Soprano family’s approach changes. Although The many saints of Newark It will be different from the HBO series, it will likely continue to provide an equally meaningful experience for those who are willing to invest in its immersive story.

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Source: Late night with Seth Meyers (via THR)

  • The Many Saints of Newark (2021)Release Date: Oct 01, 2021

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