Mark Hamill Responds To Idea Of Sebastian Stan Playing Luke Skywalker

adminApril 2, 2021

Mark Hamill Responds To Idea Of Sebastian Stan Playing Luke Skywalker

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill uses Twitter to reply to MCU star Sebastian Stan’s popular fancast as a young Luke Skywalker.

Mark Hamill has responded to the popular idea among Star Wars fans that Sebastian Stan should be cast as a young Luke Skywalker. The resemblance between the two actors has always been striking, and the idea that Stan might step in in the future Star Wars projects like a young Luke have even recently been mentioned to Stan several times in interviews of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Finally, Hamill has responded to recent casting rumors with his take on the matter.

In the pull of tears The mandalorian At the end of season 2, a young Luke Skywalker makes an appearance in CGI form to take Grogu and give him the proper training. Although it was a surprising (and poignant) creative choice, Luke’s CGI look was met with some criticism, as many fans were upset that they didn’t cast an actor who looks like Hamill as Stan. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Stan was directly asked if he would ever be willing to carry out fan wishes, to which he responded. “Well, if Mark Hamill calls me personally to say that he is inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it, until then I will not believe it.”

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In typical Mark Hamill In fashion, the 69-year-old actor took to Twitter to respond in a daring and indirect way. Citing a tweet about Stan’s statement, Hamill reminded the world that, unfortunately, he has no say in the matter.

Luke’s controversial appearance in The mandalorian This is not where the Sebastian Stan fancast as young Luke began. When Stan was asked the same question in 2017, he replied “I just want to say here that anytime someone wants to call me and ask me about Luke Skywalker, they would be very happy.” Although Hamill revealed in the tweet that he is away from Lucasfilm casting, he has always been open-minded about young Luke fancasts, including Stan and other actors, such as the much younger Jacob Tremblay.

Opposing opinions say that remaking iconic faces is a bad creative decision because capturing the essence of the characters can be considered impossible. Much criticism after the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story It arose from the public not buying the young Han Solo from Alden Ehrenreich. However, with the upcoming releases of Star Wars projects like Rogue Squad and The mandalorian season 3, a reappearance of young Luke to follow his cameo is not entirely out of the question. Choosing an actor to play the role instead of using CGI again will allow the character to have a more legitimate and performative appearance. If Lucasfilm chooses to revisit the character one more time, fans can at least be sure that their opinion on who should play him has been heard.

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Source: Mark Hamill / Twitter

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