Matrix 4 Star Details Intense Physical Training For Film

adminJune 12, 2021

Matrix 4 Star Details Intense Physical Training For Film

In a new interview, Matrix 4 star Jessica Yu Li Henwick talks about the amount of intense physical training she did for the film’s fight scenes.

One of the stars of The Matrix 4 talked about the training regimen for the movie recently. While not much information is currently available on the latest addition to the Wachowski franchise, any input from its stars is welcome. Even after the backlash to the latest sequels, fans are still waiting for the most recent entry in the franchise.

The original The Matrix came out in 1999, starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lawrence Fishburne, with the Wachowski brothers writing and directing. It was a cultural phenomenon, loved by critics and audiences, with its style, action and story that had a massive influence on film and television in the early 2000s. Its sequels, The reloaded matrix Y The Matrix revolutions, They were not so favorably received by the public, and it seemed that the franchise was over. Which made sense considering it was announced as a trilogy, with the characters Reeves and Moss, Neo and Trinity, the heroes of the story, dying at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. And yet a fourth movie is coming.

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In an interview with Empire Online, Matrix 4 Star Jessica Yu Li Henwick details the intense physical training for the film’s fight scenes. While she is not sure what will be included in the film, she says that “trained every day for months. ” He seemed to be perfectly fine with it though, noting that some of the cast didn’t get any “physical things “ and went “very sad,” asking, “How can you be in the Matrix and do no good? “ Read his full quote below:

I haven’t seen a cut from the movie so I don’t know what’s and what’s not, but I trained every day for months. There are a couple of cast members who didn’t have any physical material and they were very sad. How can you be in the Matrix and do no good?

Trinity the only Neo matrix 4

Henwick is no stranger to Hollywood action movies and series, appearing in various fan-favorite projects over the years. She was briefly in game of Thrones as one of the Sand sisters and could be seen flying an X-Wing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Most memorable, and with the most screen time, was Colleen Wing, the true martial arts teacher on Netflix. Iron fist, and in the miniseries Defenders and in Luke Cage.

It would not be a Matrix movie without action, and it’s good to hear that an actor with Henwick’s skills is being put to good use in Matrix 4. The question, of course, is who Henwick will play, as details have been so sparse in the film. So far, it is also unclear if she will be an ally or enemy of Neo or Trinity. However, it would be interesting to see her take on the role of a new kind of protector for the couple, which would make sense for the number of action scenes she’s talked about having. Answers probably won’t come until a trailer or the movie itself is released later this year.

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