Mean Girls Musical Movie Adaptation Looking For Director

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Mean Girls Musical Movie Adaptation Looking For Director

Tina Fey reveals that the musical adaptation of the Broadway hit movie Mean Girls is still looking for a director to direct the project.

The Bad Girls The film musical adaptation of the Broadway hit is still looking for a director. The script for the 2004 hit film was written by Tina Fey and she went on to write the book for the musical adaptation of the film. After its launch in 2004, Bad Girls He was adored by fans and critics for his raunchy humor and hard look at the bland world of high school hierarchies. A sequel, Mean girls 2, was released in 2011 without the original cast and is much less beloved than the original film.

While the Bad Girls musical failed to garner the same acclaim as the original film, it was much more well received than the sequel. It was first announced in January 2020 that the Bad Girls musical would head to the big screen, but little had happened in the way of developments since then. Now, Fey has given an update on the status of the movie, giving fans a glimmer of hope.

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In an interview with Variety, Fey revealed that the search for a director is still ongoing. The actress says the adaptation is still in the early stages of development. As for if Fey ever took on the role herself, she seems hesitant and says she would rather leave it to someone who knows what she’s doing. Still, she remains excited about the potential for the adaptation, including who could be cast in the roles of The Plastics.

We are still relatively early. We are looking for a director right now. The first time we had new actors playing these roles [on Broadway]It was like breaking the seal, like, “Now these roles belong to more than one group of actors.” I’m excited to see who ends up in the movie.

I have thought of [directing], but I really respect directors who think in images. The great thing about television is that a showrunner can do practical things with actors without having to think about coverage or camera shots. I always left it to the people who really are his calling. I never wanted to be a director who was there just to make sure people didn’t paraphrase the script.

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In the nearly two decades since Bad Girls originally hit theaters, a lot has changed. The pressures of updating the musical for modern times are evident. Some parts of Bad Girls They’ve aged poorly, like the movie’s outdated social policy and its lack of social media. Adapting it for modern times would mean Fey will have to change a few things, but luckily she has proven herself adept at changing things.

Ultimately, Fey may not be involved in directing the film, but he has worked on the writing of both the original film and the musical. Much of the praise for Bad Girls musical was for Fey’s updated banter and that hot streak is likely to continue in the film adaptation. Unfortunately, it seems like the movie could be a long way off as the movie is still looking for both its main cast and the players behind the scenes. Still, Fey has proven time and time again that his projects are worth the wait and Bad Girls‘The musical movie could not be different.

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Source: Variety

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