Mortal Kombat Director Explains Why There’s No Tournament in the Movie

adminApril 29, 2021

Mortal Kombat Director Explains Why There’s No Tournament in the Movie

Mortal Kombat director Simon McQuoid has explained why the concept of a deathmatch style tournament was abandoned for the new film adaptation.

Director of the new Mortal Kombat The film, Simon McQuoid, has explained why the long-awaited adaptation does not involve a martial arts tournament. For years, the first installments of the very popular and ultra-violent fighting game involved a brutal martial arts tournament to the death, but even this changed over time.

It has been almost 30 years since Mortal Kombat was first introduced to the players. With its fast-paced fighting and unique concept of finishing moves, the game quickly grew in both demand and notoriety. Ultimately, the series went from arcade machines to home consoles, and it was from this point on that Mortal Kombat really began to expand his universe. However, despite the devoted fanbase the game has managed to build over the years, the franchise has not been able to successfully expand its creative worlds and characters into a hit movie. Two attempts in the late ’90s proved forgettable for many, however McQuoid’s new adaptation could end up changing that. The movie has just been released, but so far it seems fans are much happier with it than they were with either of the last two movies.

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It could be said that one of Mortal Kombat The biggest strength is that it doesn’t just start at the beginning of the franchise’s history and try to faithfully recreate that past. Instead, McQuoid eschewed the idea of ​​a martial arts tournament to the death and focused on a different plot that serves to introduce and explore some of the games’ most beloved characters. While talking to Variety Recently, McQuoid was asked about the decision to abandon the martial arts tournament concept. Emphasizing that the goal was not just to remake the first film, McQuoid said:

“The story came from this idea that we didn’t just want to remake the first movie. If you look at the evolution of” Mortal Kombat “over the decades, that has evolved and grown beyond the idea of ​​the tournament. That is obviously essential. within the DNA of “Mortal Kombat”, and it’s one of the foundations, if you look at where the story has gone. The idea of ​​a tournament within a script informs a certain structure and rhythm. We really didn’t want to serve that. To serve the idea of ​​a tournament, you have to build it in a certain way. So there were a couple of reasons that came out of the way he did it. “

Sub Zero fights Scorpion in Mortal Kombat 2021

The new film focuses on the threat imposed by the forces of Emperor Shang Tsung on the Earth Kingdom after he sends his greatest warrior, Sub-Zero, to hunt down MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan). Soon, Young is forced to find the best warriors Earthrealm has to offer to defeat the invading villains of Outworld. In this way, the film can offer audiences more than just a tournament. Young’s need to protect himself, his family, and the universe from evil is arguably a more solid foundation for a movie, allowing for the potential for future sequels and spin-offs.

In the present, Mortal KombatThe somewhat tepid critical response should not be used to gauge how likely (or unlikely) a sequel will be. The movie was clearly made for fans after the two previous film adaptations of the game franchise didn’t offer much excitement. It’s still too early to tell how fans’ reaction to Mortal Kombat It will influence its future as a movie franchise, but so far, the lack of a tournament doesn’t seem to be a cause for complaint.

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Source: Variety

  • Mortal Kombat (2021)Release Date: April 23, 2021

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