Mystery Star Trek Movie Sets June 2023 Release Date

adminApril 11, 2021

Mystery Star Trek Movie Sets June 2023 Release Date

Paramount confirms that a new Star Trek movie will officially hit theaters and that the mystery movie received a June 2023 release date.

A new mystery Star trek The film will officially hit theaters in June 2023. Paramount and Bad Robot rebooted the popular space movie franchise in 2009 under the direction of JJ Abrams. The new Star trek The franchise starred Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and many more and appeared to be a successful reestablishment of the property. However, interest in the series seemed to wane with Star trek beyondin 2016. He closed the trilogy with the lowest box office total, earning more than $ 100 million less than Star trek into darkness.

Since the conclusion of Star trek beyond, Paramount has been contemplating which direction the franchise should take next on the big screen. Property is thriving on the small screen with Star Trek: Discovery, Picardand many other animated and live action shows. However, they have worked on new films with Quentin Tarantino, SJ Clarkson, Noah Hawley, and more. The abundance of projects includes ideas for Star trek 4 and original adventures that would have a new cast. Although Paramount has not clarified what story will come next, we now know when it will be seen.

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Paramount made several changes to its upcoming movie release list today, and that included the announcement of a new Star trek movie. The untitled film will be released in theaters on June 9, 2023. It is not confirmed who is involved with the new one. Star trek movie, but the studio seems to have landed on where to go next with this release date announcement.

The announcement of this new Star trek The movie comes just a month after Paramount hired Star Trek: Discovery writer Kalinda Vázquez to work on a new film script. This could mean that the studio is impressed with what Vázquez has done so far and committed to seeing his film through to the end. Quentin Tarantino and Noah Hawley expressed doubts that their films will happen anytime soon, while SJ Clarkson has tackled other projects since his Star trek rumors arose. If it’s new Star trek The movie is based on Vázquez’s script, early reports claimed it was her brainchild.

Now that Star trek officially returning to the big screen in the near future, it will be fascinating to see if Paramount can rekindle interest in the franchise. There is no doubt that Star trek It has a massive fan base, but movies have never been big box office hits. Paramount could choose to keep the budget for the next film lower than that of the last trilogy to maximize its box office potential. Hopefully, it won’t be long before there is more information on 2023. Star trek the movie arrives.

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