Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic First Footage Confirms Trailer Releases Tomorrow

adminJune 2, 2021

Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic First Footage Confirms Trailer Releases Tomorrow

District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp introduces the first footage from his sci-fi horror film Demonic and confirms that a trailer will be released tomorrow.

Neill Blomkamp’s first footage Demonic confirms that a trailer will be released tomorrow. Blomkamp burst onto the scene in 2009 with District 9 and since then he has followed it with Elysium in 2013 and the divisive My uncle in 2015. Now, after a five-year hiatus from feature films, the sci-fi director’s fourth film, Demonic, it will be your first foray into the horror genre. The project is one of many Hollywood productions that was filmed during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although it shares the title with the horror film produced by James Wan in 2015, Demonic is an original story of a girl who unleashes terrible demons on her mother after a decades-long conflict between the two is revealed involving supernatural forces. In an interview, Blomkamp explained that the young woman is separated from her mother. They eventually meet again, but at the expense of her uncovering ruthless secrets about her family’s history. Blomkamp also described Demonic as a “cross between science fiction and horror. “The promotional campaign for the film started in late April when the first images were released and now there is another look at the horror film.

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On his Twitter page, Neill Blomkamp shared the first footage of Demonic. The 13 seconds of puzzling visuals don’t reveal much, unsurprisingly, but the disparate and seemingly unrelated pictures that break together create a puzzling viewing experience. The teaser begins with a voiceover, “Leaving you in, ”Followed by a 3, 2, 1 countdown. The footage ends by confirming that tomorrow, June 3, a teaser trailer will be released. Look at the first Demonic footage below:

The film stars a lesser-known cast, some of whom the director has worked with before, such as Carly Pope (Elysium). Demonic It also stars Nathalie Boltt, Chris William Martin, Michael J. Rogers, and Andrea Agur. Blomkamp is by far the biggest name involved here, which the studio hopes will raise the profile of the project.

Blomkamp’s District 9 it was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and commended for its examination of issues of racism, xenophobia and universal humanity. Your follow-up Elysium was a little less well received and his most recent film My uncle it was his most criticized project to date. It remains to be seen how Blomkamp’s first sci-fi horror movie stacks up. Be on the lookout for DemonicTomorrow’s first teaser trailer, followed by the film’s eventual release in theaters and digitally by IFC Midnight on August 20.

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