Netflix’s Classic Horror Story Movie is a Mix of Midsommer & Texas Chainsaw

adminMay 24, 2021

Netflix’s Classic Horror Story Movie is a Mix of Midsommer & Texas Chainsaw

Netflix releases a trailer for A Classic Horror Story, an Italian horror film reminiscent of other classic and recent cinematic terrors.

Netflix teaser trailer A classic horror story mix pagan symbols, satanic imagery and mutilation of the flesh into what promises to be a completely terrifying mix Midsummer Y The massacre in Texas. The Italian film comes from directors Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli and stars Francesco Russo and Peppino Mazzotta.

Netflix posted the haunting teaser on YouTube, which draws viewers to a secluded cabin where all sorts of dire events take place. Mysterious rituals and violent torture are contrasted by a soothing acoustic soundtrack, a juxtaposition that hints at the source of the film’s horror. The film airs on Netflix on July 14. Check out the trailer below:

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The streaming service tweeted the movie: “Think Italian Midsummer Satisfies The massacre in Texas, “so the movie’s influences are no secret. Ari Aster’s 2019 indie A24 found beauty and terror in the pagan rites of an isolated Swedish village, and Summer Solstice deceptively idyllic setting resembles the sinister country cabin in A classic horror story. The Netflix movie paints a lot of purebloods in the cinematic frame with medieval torture devices that Jigsaw himself might be interested in taking a look at.

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