New Gods Director Ava DuVernay Thanks Darkseid Actor for Support

adminApril 8, 2021

New Gods Director Ava DuVernay Thanks Darkseid Actor for Support

Just before WB canceled the DCEU movie New Gods, director Ava DuVernay thanked Justice League actor Darkseid for his support.

Just ahead of the DCEUs New gods canceled film, director Ava DuVernay thanked League of Justiceto the Darkseid actor for his support. In 2018, Emmy winner DuVernay addressed New gods as director and co-writer, and Tom King joined her on the script some time later. Despite the interest among fans to see members of the New Gods like Big Barda and Mister Miracle make it to the big screen, the project was slow to progress. DuVernay and King continued to work on the script, and DuVernay provided updates from time to time on potential characters.

In recent weeks, New gods received new care due to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The famous Snyder Cut, unlike the theatrical version, features a handful of notable new gods, including the great evil Darkseid. Fans were eager to know if League of JusticeIteration of the Apokolips leader, voiced by Ray Porter, could appear on DuVernay New gods. Unfortunately, New gods was officially canceled last week, along with the Aquaman spin-off focused on the trench. Reports indicated that Darkseid League of Justice Participation was a factor on the project’s shelf.

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Few hours before New gods it was cancelled, DuVernay He took to social media to thank Porter for his support. Porter previously asked fans to stop pestering DuVernay for updates on Darkseid’s New gods intervention. The director then responded to Porter’s post, writing: “You have been nothing but kind to me. I appreciate you. “She added,”I hope our paths cross one day, sir. If not in the Fourth World, then in another. “His tweet hinted at a New gods The update was imminent, but then it turned out to be the film’s cancellation.

In his fervent attempts to “Restore the SnyderVerse,” select fans had been questioning DuVernay about whether he would use League of JusticeDarkseid, which was what prompted Porter’s initial tweet. Currently, Warner Bros. has no plans to recruit Snyder for another DC movie. New godsThe cancellation could give an indication that the studio is looking to take the characters in a new direction, potentially even tying them into Snyder’s broader DCEU plans. However, that’s currently just speculation, and Snyder has repeatedly shared his doubts that Warner Bros. will greenlight more of its DCEU.

New gods Being canceled is a disappointment for those interested in seeing the members of New Genesis and Apokolips hit the big screen. DuVernay and King have shared their regret over the way things have gone, and both have stated that they had exciting things planned. The New Gods could be brought into the DCEU at some point in the future, but Warner Bros. is evidently interested in taking things in a different direction for now. Whether or not Porter will be involved is another matter, but his support for DuVernay is a sweet and positive thing in all this uncertainty.

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