New Look At Chris Evans’ Buzz In Classic Space Suit

adminNovember 15, 2021

New Look At Chris Evans’ Buzz In Classic Space Suit

A banner released during the Disney + Day Pixar special offers viewers a new look at Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit in the upcoming film, Lightyear.

Disney celebrated its second annual Disney + day today, in which the streaming platform unveiled a fresh look at Buzz’s costume in the upcoming Pixar movie. Light-year, in the midst of all the other important announcements. The excitement around Light-year It has been huge since its first trailer released a few weeks ago. It quickly became Pixar’s second most-watched trailer in 24 hours online, second only to Incredibles 2. Development on the film began in 2016 after the studio released Finding Dory. In December 2020, during the Disney Investor Meeting, the studios announced the spin-off.

Light-year It will give viewers a chance to see the origin of the hero Buzz Lightyear, but not the toy. At Toy story universe, Buzz (Tim Allen) is a toy based on a popular space pilot. This movie will see the origins of that person and how he became so popular in the universe. There are currently no other details about the plot that have been released thus far. Buzz will be played by Chris Evans, who is currently the only voice cast member confirmed by Disney.

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Sneakily featured during the Disney + Day announcements, a new banner revealed a new look for the iconic Buzz Lightyear costume, which can be seen on Disney +. While there were no announcements related to Light-year Since it will be a theatrical release, it was a surprise for fans to see a new look at the character. In addition to the first look and trailer of Light-year, this is the only other official image that has been released so far. Look at the image below:

The new look of Buzz’s suit is sure to excite longtime fans of the franchise and those who are looking forward to the movie. As seen above, the suit has all of the iconic upgrades that Buzz Lightyear has on it. Toy story films. He has his wings, jet boots, lasers, and an iconic purple headdress (not shown on this Disney + banner). It’s clear that Pixar is making sure the suit looks and feels as close to the original as possible, while also giving it the feel of a sci-fi action-adventure movie. Light-year seems to be going for it. The film will explore the origins of Buzz’s suit, providing audiences with more information about the iconic space ranger.

While there hasn’t been much marketing for the film yet, it’s good to see it get some attention during the already packed Disney + Day. the Toy story movie franchise apparently ended in 2019 with the release of Toy story 4, but thankfully Pixar has said that the door is not closed to the idea of ​​another. People who wanted more content from Toy story universe are getting what they wanted as the launch of Light-year approaches.

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