Original Justice League Composer On Why He Wrote A Whole New Score

adminMarch 20, 2021

Original Justice League Composer On Why He Wrote A Whole New Score

Tom Holkenborg, “Junkie XL”, returned to score Zach Snyder’s Justice League and explains why he ended up scrapping his first score and writing a new one.

The newly released, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, contains a score written by the original composer, Tom Holkenborg. Holkenborg returns with a whole new palette, having scrapped all the previous work he had done on the film’s music. Considering that he had finished half the score in 2017, the decision to start from scratch certainly seems drastic and deserves a reason.

After Snyder left the production of League of Justice in 2017, after the sudden death of her daughter, Buffy the Vampire SlayerJoss Whedon swooped in to complete his vision. However, Snyder wasn’t the only person to be replaced during this post-production rejig, as Whedon employed film music superstar Danny Elfman to re-rate the film. Holkenborg, better known by his stage name Junkie XL, has worked with Snyder on his previous superhero films, including League of Justice precursor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is quickly becoming a household name and huge hit, with other credits including, 300: Rise of an Empire, Divergent Y dead Pool. An online campaign to revive Snyder’s vision for the film, along with Holkenborg’s score, began after Whedon. League of Justice sank at the box office and left fans craving for Snyder’s unique touch.

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In a recent roundtable interview, captured and published by Comic book, Holkenborg reveals that his decision to clean the slate was due to multiple factors. Hearing his original score from 2017, he couldn’t help but recall a disturbing moment for himself and the rest of the team. It is also important to note that the Snyder Cut will be released four to five years after production began, and Holkenborg felt that his original score did not adequately reflect his current musical ability and wanted to give Snyder and fans the best he had at. he. . He explained:

I thought I grew a lot as a songwriter in the last four or five years, working with all these great directors (Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, George Miller, Tim Miller) that I really thought when I saw the movie that Zack was editing now demanded what better than it potentially had to offer.

Photograph of Tom Holkenborg Junkie XL by Dirk KikstraDesk

Holkenborg had six months to write a new four-hour original score, which included musical ideas previously conceived by his mentor and partner, Hans Zimmer, for the first two films in the Snyder-directed DC trilogy, along with new ones. The Holkenborg process was very free due to the particular and somewhat unusual circumstances of the film’s release. He went on to explain:

[Snyder said] When you start, keep in mind that the shackles are off. Which basically meant whatever my vision was, along with Zack, it was going to be the final vision and there was no interference from the studio and producers on this particular movie. Which, as some of you know, is extremely unique.

While the Whedon Cut and Snyder Cut follow the same basic plot, the Snyder Cut makes changes and adds scenes, which provide the necessary context that Whedon was missing. And while Elfman’s score was by no means bad, Holkenborg’s return to the project allowed Snyder to release a film more faithful to his original vision that involved Holkenborg’s electrifying rock score in all its glory. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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Source: Comic book

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