Peter Jackson Directing LOTR Always Made Sense To Elijah Wood

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Peter Jackson Directing LOTR Always Made Sense To Elijah Wood

Frodo actor Elijah Wood always thought it made sense for Peter Jackson to be cast to direct his acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Elijah Wood always thought it made sense for Peter Jackson to be chosen to direct his The Lord of the rings trilogy. Before his foray into blockbuster cinematography, Jackson had primarily directed low-budget films such as 1994. Celestial creatures. Jackson’s love of fantasy and his dedication to the vast world of author JRR Tolkien led Jackson to create one of the most lauded fantasy franchises of all time. At the time, The Lord of the rings trilogy was the only film franchise in which each film earned more than its predecessor, and all three films grossed nearly $ 3 billion at the box office.

Further, The Fellowship of the Ring, The two Towers, and The return of the King all were critically acclaimed in their own right. The last film in the trilogy also became the first fantasy film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards and the film has the title of the most clean sweep at the Oscars after winning all 11 trophies for which it was nominated. . Only two other films have reached that level of success: Ben Hur and James Cameron Titanic It also won 11 Oscars, but each of those films was nominated for more. Still, all the success doesn’t take away from the fact that New Line Cinema was extremely nervous about handing over the reins of such a valuable trilogy to an unknown quantity like Jackson.

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One person who was not nervous was Wood, who revealed in an interview with GQ It always made sense to him for Jackson to direct the trilogy. Revealed that he had seen both Celestial creatures and Refrigerators, citing the previous film as one that made him realize that Jackson could combine high-concept world-building with the emotional weight of Tolkien’s original material. Ultimately, Wood says this is something he remembers thinking very specifically when he found out that Jackson would direct the trilogy. Check out his full thoughts below:

I remember very specifically that that made a lot of sense. I have seen Celestial creatures and I had seen Refrigerators, but it was Celestial creatures specifically that it stood out to me as unbelievable – not a one-on-one competition, but there is a lot going on Celestial creatures It establishes what he is capable of as a filmmaker and combines the notion of a fantasy realm with honesty and emotional depth. And I remember thinking, “OMG Peter Jackson, that’s an amazing and inspired idea.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Jackson directing Lord of the Rings. Thanks to his guiding hand, the trilogy became as successful as it is and remains one of the most beloved fantasy adaptations of all time. It also laid the groundwork for adaptations like game of Thrones, partly responsible for the fantasy boom seen in recent years, which has all streaming services crying out for their next big thing. Have-esque hit.

A streamer goes straight to the source: Amazon bought the rights to Tolkien’s stories and is ready to release its own. Lord of the Rings series in 2022. While it will not adapt the original trilogy that made Tolkien’s work so famous, it will delve into the lore of his world. Jackson will not direct, however, and comparisons between the two are inevitable. Still, it is clear that nothing will be able to measure up to Jackson’s original. Lord of the Rings films.

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Source: GQ

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