Pierce Brosnan Thinks Idris Elba or Tom Hardy Should Play James Bond

adminJuly 4, 2021

Pierce Brosnan Thinks Idris Elba or Tom Hardy Should Play James Bond

007 icon Pierce Brosnan thinks Idris Elba or Tom Hardy would make a great James Bond after Daniel Craig’s latest movie, No Time To Die.

Pierce Brosnan thinks Idris Elba or Tom Hardy should be the next James Bond. Created from the mind of writer Ian Fleming in 1953, James Bond first entered the world as a character in a book. Almost a decade later, Fleming’s iconic novels received the big screen treatment with Sean Connery, bringing the British secret service agent to life in Dr. No. Since then, the property has produced some of the most successful films of all time, with a total of seven actors dressed as 007 over the years.

Brosnan became the fifth actor to play Bond after Timothy Dalton resigned from the role. From 1995 to 2002, the Irish star topped the franchise with Golden eye, The tomorrow Never Die, The world is not enough, Y Die another day. Although the performer has been successful in other film genres, the 007 fandom still craves his opinion on all things Bond. These days, everyone especially wants to know who Brosnan is picking to replace current Bond Daniel Craig.

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While promoting his new Hulu movie False positive, Brosnan discussed the question with People. Although the actor insists that he is now simply a member of the audience when it comes to the hit franchise, he still had a couple of suggestions to offer. Brosnan revealed two names that come to mind when reflecting on the agent’s next incarnation:

Idris Elba comes to mind. Idris is such a powerful presence and such a tension in the voice above. It would be magnificent. There is also Tom Hardy. Tom can really chew on furniture, just be a ball boy, both men. He can. And I think now that Daniel has made such an indelible mark, they can go many different ways. But your guess is as good as mine, who will be the next Bond. “

James Bond Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan also continually praised Craig’s work in the movies, calling him “magnificent” general. He said that thanks to its distinctive interpretation, the franchise could take a number of new paths. Craig has played the role since 2006 Royal Casino and will retire with his long-awaited fifth film, No time to die in October 2021. Its iteration has had the biggest box office success, with Skyfall ranked as the highest grossing film in the franchise of all time. Craig, who initially left the role of James Bond, leaves the series in its 25th installment.

Speculation about who will follow Craig’s Bond has been swirling since the protagonist first confirmed his permission. Brosnan’s top picks are in line with the fandom, as both Hardy and Elba have been named favorites for years. The Poison Star has almost fueled the fires, without confirming the casting news in any way. Meanwhile, Elba is also shyly in favor of taking over the license to kill. Not only the Luther Leader check all the boxes for talent, but would bring much needed diversity to the James bond movie canon.

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