Posthumous George A. Romero Movie Twilight of the Dead In Development

adminMay 2, 2021

Posthumous George A. Romero Movie Twilight of the Dead In Development

Twilight of the Dead, the last zombie movie George A. Romero worked on before his passing in 2017, is in development thanks to Romero’s widow Suzanne.

George A. Romero’s latest zombie movie, Twilight of the dead, is in development to be filmed and released posthumously thanks to Romero’s widow, Suzanne. The seminal horror filmmaker effectively invented the zombie genre as viewers know it today, with many now ingrained tropes stemming from Romero’s original work. Romero passed away in 2017 at the age of 77 due to lung cancer.

Romero’s first feature film was also his most influential: 1968 Night of the Living Dead introduced hordes of slowly walking corpses as a terrifying threat that has plagued the protagonists in the years since it was first made. A low budget independent film, Night of the Living Dead it turned out to be an unexpected success that sparked a six-movie franchise. The first four films follow new characters as they navigate an apocalyptic world increasingly overtaken by the undead. The last two films go back in time to an earlier stage of the zombie pandemic and are not meant to be seen as sequels to the others. In 2015, Romero announced that he was collaborating on another installment of the franchise titled, Death Road, with his friend Matt Birman, but the project never made it past the development stage.

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Now another Romero film will be released: Twilight of the dead has been in the works for the past few years, according to THR. The film will be based on an initial treatment that Romero had prepared with Paolo Zelati, who brought the project to Suzanne Romero after the death of her husband. Zelati, Robert L. Lucas, and Joe Knetter created a script based on Romero’s concept with Suzanne’s permission. Suzanne has plans to start looking for a director and feels confident that the film will stay true to her late husband’s creative legacy. Read what Suzanne had to say about the upcoming movie below:

Gave [Paolo Zelati] My full blessing as long as I could be there every step of the way to stay true to George’s vision. We had a solid deal and the beginning of the script. I can say 100 percent that George would be incredibly happy for this to continue. He wanted this to be his final stamp on the zombie genre.

Zelati spoke about Romero’s vision for how the series would end. He says this ending is more appropriate for Romero’s gigantic series, which, as of now, concludes in a way the director didn’t intend. Zelati elaborated:

It’s no secret that Daily Y Survival They weren’t the way he envisioned the series finale, and George knew that very well. Twilight of the dead It was his goodbye to the genre he created and he wanted to come out with a powerful movie.

Land of the Dead Zombie Big Daddy holding his head

The apocalyptic logline for Twilight of the dead read: “The story takes place in a decimated world. Life has almost disappeared. But there may still be hope for humanity. “According to Zelati, the idea of Twilight of the dead stems from a conversation he and Romero had about where the zombies were Land of death hypothetically go after the movie ends. Romero and Zelati began working on Twilight of the dead with this question in mind.

Lucas says the film will serve as the “final piece of the puzzle” in a series that has contributed to much of the lore about the walking dead in film. Due to the role of the franchise in creating fundamental elements of the zombie genre, Romero’s final thoughts on the subject are invaluable to other horror filmmakers who follow in his footsteps. According to Suzanne Romero, Twilight of the dead it is the conclusion that George Romero had planned for his masterpiece. With Zelati’s knowledge of Romero’s vision, completing the late director’s final project is a fitting way to honor his massive impact on the horror genre.

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Source: THR

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