Prequel Movie Set 300 Years Ago

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Prequel Movie Set 300 Years Ago

Story details and an official title have now been confirmed for Predator 5, a prequel film set 300 years before the original film.

Story details and an official title are confirmed for Predator 5. Arnold Schwarzenegger first fought the Predator in a 1987 action film that is now considered one of the star’s most iconic outings.

The original Predator In fact, it was such a hit that it spawned a 1990 sequel that did not star Schwarzenegger. The disappointing Predator 2 Sadly, it set the tone for future movies involving the race of alien hunters fighting humans. The series was restarted in 2010 with mixed results and again in 2018 with even more mixed results. But the Predator is such a cool sci-fi character that filmmakers can’t resist revisiting him over and over again. Recent reports indicated that the planned fifth Predator The film would be a prequel set before Europeans colonized America and would see a fierce Native American warrior fighting the titular predator. Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane Fame reportedly began development on the film while the 2018 film The Predator was already in production.

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It has now been confirmed by Disney (via Deadline) that Predator 5 is in fact a prequel set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago and involves a warrior named Naru who protects her tribe against a highly evolved alien invader. The movie filmed with the name Skulls but now it has been confirmed that his actual title is Dam.

Shooting in Predator 5 in fact recently wrapped up in Calgary and it was confirmed at the time that Legion Star Amber Midthunder plays the role of Naru. The cast also includes Dakota Beavers and Dane Diliergo. And again in the role of the Predator is Kyle Strauts, who played the character in Shane Black’s 2018 film. By way of promoting the most recent entry in the decidedly uneven Predator franchise producer John Davis recently said that the film is as good as Schwarzenegger’s original. “I feel like the first one was a wonderful and interesting movie and I know what worked about it.“He said, adding:”I feel like we never go back there again.. “

In fact, it would be an understatement to say that the Predator The franchise has never gone back to what made the original movie good. Recent reboot attempts have tried to change the formula in a number of ways, but the ideas in those movies have always fallen short. Maybe Predator 5 being a prequel set in a world without modern weaponry will help the movie find some of the magic of the first movie. Predator Of course, it showed how useless military hardware was ultimately against the highly advanced alien, and Schwarzenegger only defeated him once he went back to the old-fashioned traps. This same concept will apparently be at play in Predator 5 as Naru tries to protect his people against this otherworldly threat. The film will be released in 2022.

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