Ray Fisher’s Top Pick For Cyborg Movie Director Is Former Flash Helmer

adminMarch 28, 2021

Ray Fisher’s Top Pick For Cyborg Movie Director Is Former Flash Helmer

Ray Fisher says his best pick to direct a solo Cyborg movie, aside from Zack Snyder (of course), is former The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa.

Ray Fisher says he’s his best choice to direct a solo Cyborg the movie is earlier The flash director Rick Famuyiwa. Warner Bros. announced a movie starring Cyborg in 2014 as part of the original DC Extended Universe roster, which will expand on the characters in 2017. League of Justice. Wonder Woman and Aquaman have hit the big screen (with a The flash movie on the way), but Joss Whedon’s criticized movie derailed plans for sequels / spin-offs, including Cyborg’s solo outing.

Most of the Victor Stone AKA Cyborg scenes were removed or re-filmed in the theatrical cut of League of Justice; Fisher’s character boils down to an afterthought. Upon the release of that movie, Zack Snyder claimed that Cyborg was the heart of his League of Justice—One of the many catalysts for the #ReleasetheSynderCut campaign (of which Fisher was a great supporter). Now that the four hours of Snyder League of Justice finally released on HBO Max, it has become apparent that Cyborg is its main character, with her origin story and drastically improved overall arc. The movie ends with Cyborg fully realized and ready to burst into his solo movie. In hindsight, Snyder said he’s sorry he didn’t take a Cyborg movie off his narrative.

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Talking with Comics debateFisher was asked if a Cyborg movie ever came to fruition, who he would choose (other than Snyder) to direct the project. “It would have to be Rick FamuyiwaFisher said. As one of the few independent filmmakers who signed on to the DCEU before the poor performance of 2017 League of Justice, Famuyiwa was going to direct The flash but he was separated from the study by creative differences. Andy Muschietti (THAT) has since served as the film’s third deputy director.

In addition to various Batmen, The flash it was supposed to feature a Cyborg cameo. However, WB eventually removed Fisher from the project following internal investigation into him. League of Justice new takes and alleged abusive / toxic behavior from Whedon, Geoff Johns and John Berg (allegations that were more or less dismissed). While Fisher expresses interest in reprising his role, he has publicly stated that he will not be working on any films under DC Entertainment president Walter Hamada. Since the studio has largely abandoned the SnyderVerse and considers that Snyder League of Justice As the non-canon ending to your story, a solo Cyborg movie feels like a beginning.

If Warner Bros. and DC Films maintain their current trajectory, a future Cyborg Independent film would have to pick up from 2017 League of Justice, with Silas Stone still alive and potentially unexplored. Apparently there are no plans to reformulate the role, nothing can be ruled out. However, audiences would prefer that Fisher continue to play Cyborg in the Snyderverse. In addition to being the emotional core of the Snyder Cut, Fisher’s now fractured relationship with Warner Bros. reflects how studio interference impeded Snyder’s vision. Having Fisher return outside of Cyborg’s beloved arc could be said to undermine it. With that said, many viewed the Snyder Cut as an impossibility, Famuyiwa’s stock has risen exponentially since working on The mandalorian, and the fandom has proven to be undeniable (and rightly) influential.

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