Raya & the Last Dragon Honest Trailer Makes The Last Airbender Comparisons

adminMarch 25, 2021

Raya & the Last Dragon Honest Trailer Makes The Last Airbender Comparisons

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon’s The Honest Trailer humorously highlights the animated film’s similarities to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The honest trailer for Raya and the last dragon joking satirizes the film’s similarities to Avatar, the last airbender. Released simultaneously on Disney + and in theaters on March 5, the animated adventure honors the myths of many Southeast Asian cultures. Since its opening, Stripe has received praise for her memorable characters, stunning visuals, and excellent vocal performances.

The new Screen addicts “Honest Trailer” for Raya and the last dragon teases the film’s visual and thematic overlap with Nickelodeon Avatar: The last bender. The trailer jokingly presents the film as “Rayatar: The Last Airdragon“before” correcting himself “almost saying”Avatar“before finally landing on the right title. In fact, both projects feature an idealistic protagonist who seeks to unite a fractured set of nations by using a mystical last hope, in the case of Raya, a dragon that bends water into rather than a teenager bending the air. The trailer also notes that although Stripe build the beautiful and complex world of Kumandra “,I wish they had an Avatar-length TV series to explore further.“Check out the full trailer below:

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While Avatar: The last Airbender takes its cues from a different (though occasionally overlapping) set of Asian cultures that Raya and the last dragonBoth properties have received praise for providing greater representation to their genres. However, an area where Stripe He updates his cartoon ancestor’s attempts at Asian representation is in his voice acting. While “Honest Trailer” correctly points out that some East Asian actors express some Southeast Asian characters in Stripe, the animated film avoids the casting pitfalls of Avatar, whose main cast was almost entirely white. So, although certainly imperfect, Raya and the last dragon hopefully it points towards at least a greater and more precise diversity in the voice actor cast.

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Source: Screen Junkies / YouTube

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