Reefer Madness & The Big Lebowski Honest Trailers Celebrates 4/20

adminApril 23, 2021

Reefer Madness & The Big Lebowski Honest Trailers Celebrates 4/20

The Honest Trailer for 4/20 plays stoner classics like the Coen Brothers educational special Reefer Madness and The Big Lebowski.

The Honest Trailer for Covers 4/20 Joint madness Y The big lebowski. April 20, or April 20, is an unofficial cannabis party that combines aspects of peaceful protest and community celebration. Both the hideously hilarious 1936 anti-marijuana educational film and the Coen brothers’ stoner masterpiece have become popular 4/20 viewing choices, the latter being known for its existential musings and drug-filled plot.

In honor of April 20, Screen addicts has released an honest trailer for Joint madness Y The big lebowski. Technically speaking, the trailer leans Lebowski while the “stoned” narrator tires of the melodramatic teachings of Reefer Craziness, considered one of the worst movies of all time. Over the course of the trailer, the narrator suggests that the best way to The big lebowski It’s not solving its mysteries but, you know, liking it, letting the movie wash over you until its unique humor “open your brain. “The nearly eight-minute video is punctuated by pauses, tangents, and the crunch of potato chips, all sounds familiar to any stoner. Check out the 4/20-approved Honest Trailer in its entirety below:

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Weather Joint madness‘association with 4/20 stems from its adverse message, The big lebowskiThe box office bomb’s own journey to stoner movie royalty is a bit more complicated. Although the film suffered moderate reviews and low ticket sales at its 1998 premiere, The big lebowski it gradually inspired a festival in his honor, as well as a semi-serious religion, a sequel, and dozens of other ventures. In 2014, The big lebowski it officially graduated to film status when it was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress, four years after being on the late Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” list. So whether or not the latest Honest Trailer inspires you to celebrate 4/20 yourself, both of you Joint madness Y The big lebowski they are indelible parts of the cinematic history of stoners worth seeing any day.

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